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17 Dec 12 10:52

ICIS launches a new price report covering the linear alkylbenzene & sulphonate (LAB/LAS) markets in Asia and the Middle East

06 Dec 12 11:28

ICIS launches a new weekly report covering the EPDM market in Asia

06 Dec 12 12:34

ICIS enhances its Base Oils Asia coverage with daily reporting

03 Dec 12 11:56

ICIS launches margin report covering styrene production in the US

28 Nov 12 17:04

ICIS announces launch of annual studies for the Chinese SBR and PBR markets

28 Nov 12 17:03

ICIS launches in-depth studies for the Chinese polymer markets

21 Nov 12 10:15

ICIS launches a new suite of data reports for the petrochemical markets in China

19 Nov 12 10:27

ICIS enhances Asia bitumen reporting

14 Nov 12 12:31

ICIS launches annual plastics studies

29 Oct 12 12:40

ICIS launches the 2012 versions of its annual plastics studies

27 Sep 12 10:04

ICIS has launched a new report covering the growing Asian recycled polyethylene terephthalate (R-PET) markets covering pricing, trading activity and market developments

10 Sep 12 12:05

Further expansion of ICIS’s suite of plasticizers reports

10 Sep 12 11:55

ICIS launches weekly margin reports for the Asia, Europe and US ethylene glycol markets

10 Sep 12 11:42

New price assessments added in ICIS Asia MLLDPE report

08 Aug 12 10:46

ICIS launches a dedicated report for the Asian polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) market

19 Jul 12 11:12

Fertilizers information is now available via the ICIS dashboard

29 Jun 12 11:11

ICIS C1 launches a monthly report covering China’s gasoil supply/demand trends

29 Jun 12 10:57

ICIS C1 launches an in-depth research report for China’s natural gas market

31 May 12 14:44

ICIS has launched a dedicated price report covering Asia Phthalate/Non-Phthalate Plasticizers

31 May 12 11:00

Publication produced by ICIS for the Fecc Annual Congress

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