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Most successful chemical companies rely on online market data and news services – like ICIS pricing and ICIS news – for the day-to-day business intelligence they need.

But how can you make sense of all this information? What are the longer-term strategic implications of short-term market moves – both for the industry as a whole, and for your markets in particular? Turn to ICIS Chemical Business for the answers. Our analysis will give you the full picture – and help you make better-informed business decisions and more successful plans for the future.

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Designed to do business

ICIS Chemical Business is designed around the precise needs of our readers. These include Purchasers, Product/Commercial Managers, Business Analysts and Traders.

In every issue you can look forward to a hard-hitting analytical round up of all the latest developments, and their strategic implications, market sector by market sector. You’ll also enjoy 24/7 online rights to the magazine – so you can get the latest thinking wherever you are.

It’s business intelligence that gives you the edge on your competition, and no publication is better informed, more knowledgeable or analytical than ICIS Chemical Business. Trust our worldwide network of expert editors, market analysts and commentators to distil and analyse the key developments each week, and set out their conclusions for you in clear and compelling fashion.


  What some customers say about ICIS Chemical Business:  
  We’re in the business of providing high-level advice and consultancy to leading chemical companies. They expect thought leadership from us – and that makes ICIS Chemical Business required reading in our office. We get a comprehensive overview of all the key developments that matter most – along with the informed opinion and in-depth analysis to make sense of them..

Kelly Howard, Executive Vice President, ABI, USA
I very much appreciate ICIS Chemical Business - it brings in-depth analysis of important issues in the chemical markets. In today's world, we all drown in information but find it hard to get the right facts and the complete picture. Your publication and website is very helpful to managers at all levels in the chemical industry.

Alfred Hackenberger,President, BASF Ludwigshafen, Germany
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