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Global competiveness biggest CEE challenge: petchems survey

ICIS News : 30-Jul-13 16:41

LONDON (ICIS)--Global competitiveness is the biggest challenge facing the refining and petrochemical industry in central and eastern Europe (CEE), according to 51.7% of respondents in a World Refining Association (WRA) survey, the WRA said on Tuesday.

In response to the question of what was being done to increase capacity, the respondents - comprising of 173 companies including Romania's OMV Petrom, the State Oil Company of the Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR) and BP Refining and Petrochemicals - indicated that 70.2% of refineries subject to the survey were introducing bottom of the barrel processing to increase capacity, it added.

“Furthermore, 60% of petrochemical producers are currently developing their own technologies, with one participant stating: 'Many business are setting up new plants to increase capacity,'" the WRA said in a press release on its survey.

"The [CEE] refining and petrochemical industry will need to adapt to potential new feedstocks and improve margins, in particular through integration and technology change," another respondent added, when quizzed on competitiveness.

One-third of respondents agreed improving energy efficiency in refining plants is their number one priority, the WRA added.

The WRA will hold its 16th annual Central & Eastern European Refining and Petrochemical conference in Warsaw, Poland, from 15-17 October.

By Will Conroy
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