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Japan's JNC completes building bamboo-to-bioethanol plant

ICIS News : 19-Jan-12 12:11

TOKYO (ICIS)--Japanese chemical producer JNC Corp has completed building its first bamboo-to-bioethanol pilot plant in Minamata, Kumamoto prefecture, with plans to begin test runs later this month, the company said in a statement on Thursday.

The facility, consisting of nine separate units - including one that turns bamboo powder into sugar and another one that ferments molasses and produces bioethanol is expected to produce around 100,000 kilolitres/year of bioethanol, the company said.

As part of the project led by the Ministry of the Environment, JNC will continue test runs of the plant and produce bioethanol until the end of 2012 to consider the feasibility of the production process, the producer said.

The plant will use bamboo powder procured locally in Minamata as a feedstock, JNC said.

JNC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the chemical producer Chisso Corp.

By Tomomi Yokomura
+65 6780 4359

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