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PDVSA’s Amuay refinery halts delayed coking unit operations

ICIS News : 21-Jun-13 17:43

MEDELLIN, Colombia (ICIS) --Petroleos de Venezuela's (PDVSA) Amuay refinery in western Venezuela halted operations on a delayed coking unit after a pump failure, a source familiar with the refinery's operations said on Friday.

The halt will limit the production butane, propane, petroleum coke, oils and naphtha, the source said.

Maintenance workers are evaluating the issue with the pump, keeping the unit in recirculation mode, to determine the problem, the source said.

Maintenance at the refinery comes after multiple production issues forced various shutdowns during 2012, including the worst refining accident in the country last August.

The explosion in August killed a reported 41 refinery workers and damaged large sections of the facility.

Venezuela's refining circuit has reported several incidents in the past years that have affected the production capacity of refined products and forced Venezuela to look for more product out of the US Gulf and Europe.

Amuay has a refining capacity of 645,000 bbl/day, according to the state-owned oil giant.

The Paraguana Refining Complex has the capacity to process 940,000 bbl/day and includes the Amuay, Cardon and Bajo Grande refineries and produces about 66% of domestic fuel demand for Venezuela.

By Leela Landress
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