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Chemical Logistics



16 August '10: Logistics and infrastructure in the chemicals sector

13 September '10: Investment continues in Logistics sector

11 October '10: Lots of logistics activity this month

15 November'10: Logistics firms face environmental incentives

13 December '10: LNG to power tankers of the future 

17 January '11: South America opportunities for logistics

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CEO Opinion




23 August '10: Borealis to focus on existing projects for rest of 2010 - CEO

20 September '10: Borouge follows a focused approach

18 October '10: DSM mulls major renewables push

22 November '10: Dow Chemical CEO Liveris shifts approach to plastics

20 December '10: Chemtura takes portfolio approach

23 January '11: Celanese targets Chinese fuels market with coal-to-ethanol plants

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ICIS Reporter




1 December '10: REACH: the world gets ready

8 December '10: Beating the sanctions: Iran defeats Western restrictions by boosting exports to Asia

15 December '10: Top 40 power players - Meet the industry’s heavyweights

12 January '11:  US feedstock advantage: More cheap gas liquids are coming. What a bout a new cracker?

19 January '11: Gateway to China: INEOS and PetroChina sign historic deal

26 January '11: Detergents under pressure: Soaring feedstock prices hit the sector hard. Is there relief in sight?

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ICIS Chemical Purchasing


18 August '10: Supply/demand issues monopolise markets

7 September '10: Pricing and output is climbing

5 October '10: Outlook positive across many markets

8 November '10: Chemical sales and demand set to improve

9 December '10: Plenty of activity as year draws to a close

17 January '11: Price surge seen across many markets

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ICIS Heren Energy Markets





ICIS Heren's fortnightly energy newsletter for gas, power, lng and carbon markets

18 March '10

1 April '10


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INSIGHT: Asia polyethylene margins good but volume concerns build
"PE executives insist rebalancing will be a carefully managed and gradual process, as China cannot afford to allow growth to collapse." more

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