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ICIS insight Asia provides the petrochemical industry with a better understanding of the medium and long-term direction of petrochemical markets.

ICIS insight Asia draws on the expertise of a dedicated team of researchers and editors and on data provided by the ICIS group’s news and price reporting teams in Singapore, London, Houston and New York.

We have formed strategic partnerships with industry consultants to further ensure the reliability of our data and analysis, and the quality of our training programmes.

Keep on top of all the key changes in supply and demand in Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the US and tap into ICIS insight Asia’s training expertise.

Our products and services include:

  • Value-added PDF-delivered reports focusing on medium and long-term supply and demand data and analysis
  • An extensive programme of introductory and more advanced training courses in the US, Europe and Asia
  • In-house corporate training programmes tailored to meet specific needs
  • Web conferences and online training seminars
  • Informative market intelligence delivered through CD-ROMs

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About the insight Asia contributors

John Richardson
Malini Hariharan 
Paul Hodges
Mark Berggren 
Shandon Quinn 

Report Samples

Quarterly Middle East Petrochemical Report
India Petrochemical Report

Training Courses

Petrochemicals - A Beginner's Course
Petrochemicals II

Asia Petrochemicals CD-ROM

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For sales enquiries, please contact:

Roland Kester Cher
(65) 6780 4353

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