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Rhodia is a global specialty chemicals manufacturer in fine chemicals, consumer and industrial speciality chemicals, and polyamides. The group is structured around six enterprises: Rhodia Polyamide, Rhodia Novecare, Rhodia Silcea, Rhodia Energy Services, Rhodia Acetow and Rhodia Eco Services.


The driving forces that will enable Rhodia to move forward are striving for operational excellence at all times, and innovation both in the solutions and products offered to its customers as well as improving its manufacturing processes. It will continue to develop in the high-growth areas where the company already has a significant presence.


Rhodia’s strategic vision is clarified with growth being the priority for its performance materials and functional chemicals businesses, and cash generation for the organics and services sector. It believes that the key focus is on innovation.


In 2009, Rhodia reported Euro4bn in sales and employed around 13,600 people worldwide.


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Key Personnel


Chairman and CEO: Jean-Pierre Clamadieu

Member: Aldo Cardoso
Member: Pascal Colombani

Member: Jerome Contamine
Member: Laurence Danon

Member: Michel de Fabiani

Member: Jacques Kheliff

Member: Olivier Legrain

Member: Pierre Levi

Member: Francis Mer

Member: Yves Rene Nanot





Rhodia SA
26, quai Alphonse Le Gallo
92512 Boulogne-Brillancourt Cedex

Tel:  +33 0155 38 4000
Fax:  +33 0155 38 4443

Rhodia Company Structure

Rhodia is a global specialty chemicals manufacturer. It holds key technologies in applications chemistry, with surfactants, polymers, high-performance silicas and rare earth-based specialties; in specialty materials and services, with adipic acid, polyamide engineering plastics and sulphuric acid regeneration; and in fine chemicals, with pharmaceutical active ingredients and ingredients for flavours and fragrances. Rhodia had previously become an independent company in October 1999 when Rhone-Poulenc divested the remainder of its holdings in Rhodia.
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Rhodia Strategy & Financial Highlights

Rhodia states that it “demonstrated a remarkable resilience” in 2008, a year in which it says saw “many ups and downs” in the prevailing economic conditions. Despite an unprecedented increase in the cost of raw materials and energy, the company says it was able to maintain its margins. (Edited from annual report and company website). ICIS also provides you with key financial data listed in table form. More about Rhodia Strategy & Financial Highlights


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