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Company Intelligence: Rohm and Haas

Rohm and Haas | Strategy and Financial Highlights Information from ICIS


Edited from: “Strategy” and Chairman's statement Annual Report


Rohm and Haas will implement its “Vision 2010” strategy to strengthen its ability to deliver sustained, long-term results, focused on five areas: portfolio, emerging markets, innovation, operational excellence and global talent. “Vision 2010 is our plan to leverage our business mix, global presence, talent and financial strength to compete successfully long term in this challenging environment”, says chairman, president and chief executive officer, Raj Gupta.




Positioning its product portfolio for accelerated growth and profitability is a key point of its new strategy. It will focus its actions on aggressively managing its portfolio to position the businesses for accelerated growth.


One of its key priorities is to better leverage the strength of its monomer and polymer chain. It is also making investments to build on its “leadership positions” in what it calls a “rapidly growing electronic materials space”.


Another area of focus is developing a number of new, high-growth potential businesses around the growing need for quality of life, such as water purification, energy and personal care, globally.


“As we execute Vision 2010, we’ll continuously evaluate non-strategic and underperforming assets in our portfolio, either fixing or divesting them as appropriate. And while our emphasis is on driving organic growth, we will make strategic acquisitions that supplement growth in the key segments”, says Gupta.


Emerging markets


Customising its presence and business model in key regions of the world is a key strategic focus for the company. It believes that there is a lot of growth potential for companies with not just presence, but the right business models in key emerging markets. Rohm and Haas is customising its presence in several key developing markets, including China, India, Turkey, Central/Eastern Europe and Latin America.


Priorities under this strategic focus centre on delivering technology locally and tailoring products to meet local needs. It is streamlining the organisation to get closer to its customers. In order to be more competitive in each region, it is optimising capital and operating costs, and setting up local sourcing in each region to access cost effective monomer supplies.




Rohm and Haas says that it already has one of the “strongest” global R&D capabilities in its competitive space. To drive the company to the next level of growth, it is focusing its investments on key customer groups, societal needs and geographic markets.


“We’re increasing investment in R&D capabilities across the global footprint, particularly in emerging markets, to localise product development. We’re stepping up our emphasis on high-value technologies – products in environmentally friendly, high-growth or high-margin areas”, says Gupta.


Operational excellence


Rohm and Haas will pursue demand growth by leveraging its portfolio, developing stronger localised capabilities in emerging markets and accelerating investments in product innovation. It will expand its efforts to enhance margins and returns through operational excellence and continuous improvement.


It will further focus on asset productivity and cost control, and will pursue initiatives to increase global sourcing of raw materials and services to reduce costs in areas such as administration.


Global talent


A key element of its Vision 2010 is to more effectively leverage its greatest strengths to succeed in a global marketplace through positioning its employees globally.


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Financial highlights: Rohm & Haas, year ended 31 December








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Rohm and Haas Company Structure

Rohm and Haas provides speciality chemicals for end use markets such as building and construction, electronic devices, packaging, household and personal care products. In April 2009, Dow Chemical completed its $78/share takeover of Rohm and Haas.
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