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Solutia is a manufacturer of performance films, nylon polymers, fibres and intermediates, and speciality chemicals. The company consists of five businesses: Saflex, CPFilms, Nylon Plastics & Fibers, Flexsys and Specialty Products.

 Solutia Logo (Source: Solutia)

Solutia claims to be the world's largest producer of plastic interlayer for laminated glass used in automotive and architectural applications. Its CPFilms business is a producer of solar control and safety window films for aftermarket installation on automobile and building windows. Solutia is also a fully integrated producer of nylon 6,6 from intermediates to polymers, plastics to fibres.


Solutia's future is based on a simple framework for each of its business platforms: expand and grow performance films; aggressively grow select specialty products businesses; and maximise the value of integrated nylon. In support of its portfolio strategy, the company is leveraging many of its core competencies such as leading brands, manufacturing and technical resources, customer service and valued products and services.


Headquartered in St Louis, Missouri, US, Solutia employs 3,400 people globally and had 2010 revenues of $1.9bn.


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Key Personnel


Chairman, president and CEO: Jeffry Quinn

Member: Eugene Davis
Member: Robert deVeer
Member: James Heffernan

Member: Thomas Jagodinski

Member: William Monahan

Member: Robert Peiser

Member: Gregory Smith





Solutia Inc
575 Maryville Centre Drive
PO Box 66760

St. Louis, MO 63166-6760


Tel:  +1 314 674 1000 
Fax:  +1 314 674 7625

Solutia Company Structure

Solutia was founded in St Louis in 1901 as Monsanto Company. Solutia was created as an independent company on 1 September 1997, after Monsanto shareholders approved the spin-off of the company's chemical businesses.
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Solutia Strategy & Financial Highlights

The “roadmap to Solutia's future” is believed to be based on its portfolio strategy, which it says provides a simple framework for each of its three business platforms: expand and grow performance films; aggressively grow select specialty products businesses; and maximise the value of integrated nylon. (Edited from annual report and company website). ICIS also provides you with key financial data listed in table form. More about Solutia Strategy & Financial Highlights


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