About Tschach Solutions

Background to Tschach Solutions

ICIS bought German carbon market analysis firm Tschach Solutions in July 2013 to benefit from its wide expertise and superior market intelligence in the carbon market.

Founded in 2010 and based in Karlsruhe, Germany, Tschach has a strong industry reputation in carbon market analysis. Tschach’s core offering is its extensive, high-quality data and estimates on all relevant areas of emissions trading, power markets and clean development mechanisms in the EU in relation buying and selling carbon credits.

Standing out from its competitors, Tschach uses a unique Timing Impact Model in its data which shows the historical and forecasted behaviour of market participants’ impacts on carbon credit prices. In the near future, Tschach will be launching similar products in the US, China and Australia markets.


Tschach’s product focus is on the EU carbon market, but we will be launching products for the China, US and Australia markets.

Tschach Solutions’ products are used by utilities, industrials, banks, trading houses and service providers in the EU and soon in the United States.

Tschach Solutions’ products include:

  • EU ETS Portal - Short, medium and long-term price forecasts for EUAs based on a unique and highly predictive model which combines carbon market fundamentals and behavioural patterns of major market players
  • ICIS EU Emissions Reports & Analysis package - Includes a series of reports based on relevant analysis and market developments, as well as mid-term price forecasts and in-depth research reports to give background information on key topics affecting the carbon industry behavioural patterns of major market players. This package is part of the EU ETS Portal.
  • CDM Portal - A web-based data warehouse that provides the relevant data around CDM projects and unique tools to valuate CDM projects
  • Power Portal - A web-based data warehouse that provides essential data around power trading and includes a variety of analysis
  • Carbon pricing report - daily
  • CA-ETS – Strategic, CA-ETS – Trading, CA-ETS – Fundamental Data, CA-ETS – Model & Data – Short, medium and long-term price forecasts and carbon market behaviour for the US market
  • China ETS Portal - Product coming soon


Tschach Solutions is run by a highly skilled team of individuals that have worked in the energy trading markets for years including Managing Directors Ingo Tschach and Jan Frommeyer, both of whom bring huge expertise in the:

  • Prediction of carbon market developments
  • Design of tools and applications for specific carbon-related issues
  • Development of carbon market strategies, certified emission reduction  processes and statistics
  • The historical and forecasted behaviour of market participants’ impacts on CO2 prices
  • Development and implementation of price modelling
  • Market data-related applications
  • Pricing of options in the carbon credit prices market
  • Fundamental, renewable and behavioural data on current and historic power production and demand, across the EU.





Please contact us on CarbonInfo@icis.com for further details and to try a free product trial now



Dr. Ingo Tschach

Ingo Tschach, Head of Market Analysis of Tschach Solutions, gained over 9 years experience in the carbon market, both at EnBW (one of the 'big-four' German utilities) and Noble Carbon Credits.

The working experience in two of the most important segments of the market provides a competitive edge for predicting future carbon market developments.

Jan Frommeyer

Jan Frommeyer joined from Noble Carbon Credits, where he gained two years extensive market intelligence and developed several IT-based tools, one of those being a carbon price model.

Prior to his time at Noble, Jan worked as a student at EnBW Trading, where he focused on crude oil, coal and carbon market analysis.