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Each week, the ICIS global team of industry experts, market reporters and pricing editors digests the key issues and trends for the global chemical markets, so you can access a full market overview in one magazine.

ICIS Chemical Business delivers a weekly executive summary of the key drivers behind price movements and supply and demand trends, to help you make better informed business decisions, from current transactions to short and long term planning.

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ICIS Chemical Business Magazine

        "...We get a comprehensive overview of all the key developments that matter most - along with the informed opinion and in-depth analysis to make sense of them.."

Kelly Howard, Executive Vice President, ABI, USA

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Analysis of key drivers behind price movements and their impact in the short and long run.
On-the-ground coverage of China chemical markets and its impact on the global markets.
Insight behind the news headlines and analysis of their impact on your business.
Regular up-to-date chemical profiles. Two per issue, giving you an overview of a particular chemical by region. 
In-depth analysis of supply and demand trends for the global chemical markets.

Take a closer look at our detailed industry content:

A round-up of key events in the global chemical industry, helping you to quickly focus on the most newsworthy developments.
Latest market intelligence and insight into the factors impacting price movements and supply/demand trends in global commodity markets, helping you make better informed business decisions. These commodity markets include:
  • Petrochemicals
  • Polymers
  • Intermediates
  • Inorganics
  • Oleochemicals
  • Green Chemicals
  • Biofuels
  • Energy & Feedstocks
Plants & Projects
A review of new plants, projects, shutdowns and their impact.
Chemical Profiles
Two chemical profiles each week giving an overview of a particular chemical by region.
Special Reports
A deep dive into the top story of the week, and also the ICIS proprietary reports on the top players in the industry, including the ICIS Top 100 Chemical Companies list.

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  • Commercial Managers
  • Business Analysts

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Joseph Chang introduces ICB


What our subscribers say about ICIS Chemical Business:

  We're in the business of providing high-level advice and consultancy to leading chemical companies. They expect thought leadership from us – and that makes ICIS Chemical Business required reading in our office. We get a comprehensive overview of all the key developments that matter most – along with the informed opinion and in-depth analysis to make sense of them...  

Kelly Howard, Executive Vice President, ABI, USA

  I very much appreciate ICIS Chemical Business – it brings in-depth analysis of important issues in the chemical markets. In today’s world, we all drown in information but find it hard to get the right facts and the complete picture. Your publication and website are very helpful to managers at all levels in the chemical industry. 

Alfred Hackenberger, President, BASF Ludwigshafen, Germany