Stay ahead of price movements in China

ICIS China Chemease price reports give you access to the latest, most trusted market intelligence, enabling you to anticipate the cycles that affect the price of raw materials and feedstocks.

  • Concise, authoritative, independent and industry-recognised price assessments for the China chemical market.
  • Comprehensive coverage of China’s domestic markets with price assessments in yuan.
  • In-depth commentary and analysis of the latest trends, production movements and outlook for the petrochemical market.

Information tailored to your needs

The Chemease portfolio spans weekly, monthly and annual appraisals, analysis and reports to meet all your information needs:

  • Weekly price assessments with key information on market dynamics including supply/demand, imports/exports, plant closures and production outages.

  • The weekly coverage includes: China Isocyanates Bi-weekly, Recovered Paper Weekly, Pulp Market Weekly, HDPE China Price Monitor, LDPE + LLDPE China Price Monitor, PP China Price Monitor

  • In-depth monthly reports and analysis of market movements, based on the change in balance of supply/demand, import and export activities, the impact of cost variances, market sentiment, upstream and downstream market analysis and identification of the drivers for price movement.

  • We provide the markets with monthly reports, including: Acetic Acid Monthly, Benzene Monthly, Chlor-alkali Monthly, China CPL Purchase Monitor, Cracker Operating Schedule Monthly, Ethylene Monthly, Methanol Monthly, Operating Schedule, China PE Monthly, PET Monthly, China Polyolefin Downstream Monthly, China PP Monthly, PVC Monthly, Styrene Monthly, Sulphur Monthly, Toluene Monthly, Xylene Monthly, China Rubber Express, China Rubber Express Market Briefing

  • Data reports, produced monthly, provide a detailed record of production output volumes and operation rates, domestic and import prices, new project and current plant status and import volume.

  • Our data coverage includes: ABS/PS Data Monthly, Acetone Data Monthly, Calcium Carbide Data Monthly, China ACN Monthly, CPL Data Monthly, DOP Data Monthly, Fertilizer Data Monthly, Oxo-Alcohol Data Monthly, Phenol Data Monthly, Polyurethanes Data Monthly, Pulp & Paper Data Monthly, PVC Data Monthly, PVC Data Monthly, PX-PTA Data Monthly

  • Annual reviews give you an in-depth understanding of the market features for that year, analysis on the market price, supply and demand, structural changes, market trends and identification of key driving forces.

  • Commodities covered in our annual reports include: benzene, styrene, rubber, ABS, plasticiser, PE, PET, PP, sulphur, urea, caprolactam, toluene, acetic acid, acrylonitrile, acetone, recovered paper, pulp annual, Base Oils/lube

  • Annual or biennial reports with mid- to long-term forecasts focusing on production capacity, imports/exports, market demand and a long-term price prediction. And in-depth studies around a market hotspot such as the China sulphur market detailing supply/demand dynamics, import/export activity, upstream and downstream market trends from the previous 12 months, including implications for future policy and prospects for future demand.

  • We provide industry studies, including: China PE Market Study 2005- 2015, Competitiveness Analysis of China PE Producers, China Coating Grade LDPE Industry Study, China Pipe Grade PE Resin Producers Competitiveness Analysis, China Agricultural Film Industry Study, Chain XPE Cable Compound Industry Study, Focusing on Consumption of Plastic Pipe Market in China to 2013, China Olefin and Derivative Industry Study 2011, China BOPP Industry Study 2011, China Methanol Analysis: Overview and Outlook 2007 – 2015, Economic Efficiency Analysis of Coal-based Methanol and New Energy Products, China Styrene Monomer Purchasing Modes by Downstream Sector, Chinese Styrene Monomer Competitiveness Analysis 2011, China Benzene and Styrene Monomer Value Chain Outlook 2010 – 2012, China Olefin and Derivative Industry Study 2011, China PVC Producers Competitiveness Analysis, PVC in China 2011- 2015, Focusing on Consumption of Plastic Pipe Market in China to 2013, China Butadiene Industry Chain Study 2011, China Caustic Soda 2010 – 2014, China MX-PX-PTA Value Chain Study 2008- 2014, China BPA Study 2005- 2015, Sulphur in China 2011- 2015, China Urea Producers Competitiveness Analysis 2011, China Pulp Mill X-file 2011, China Pulp and Paper Executive Summary and Forecasts 2011- 2012

ICIS China Chemease price reports provide you with timely in-depth studies and analysis of market movements in the China petrochemical market, to ensure you have comprehensive market intelligence to make faster and more profitable decisions.

An experienced analytical team

Our China-based analysts and reporting teams closely follow market dynamics, changes in status of major companies and organisational players, and keep abreast of China national policy and transactional information. Our data is personally verified and our primary research conducted to ensure accuracy and deep insights are provided, and presented in a concise and easy to follow format.


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