Get insight into Chinese Commodity Markets

China plays a key role in today's global economy, with developments in China affecting wider markets. Keeping up to date with the latest developments in China ensures you have the information you need to make faster and more profitable business decisions based on trusted intelligence.

Recognised domestically and internationally as a leading source of China's commodity market information, ICIS China brings you pricing, market commentary, news and analysis, written by our locally based team of expert analysts. ICIS China reports are written in English and cover the following Chinese commodity markets:

  • Chemicals
  • Energy
  • Pulp & paper

China's Chemical Industry Intelligence

Chemease is one of the most highly respected and trusted market intelligence sources for a wide range of chemicals; organic chemicals, chemical fibres, plastics, rubbers, PU, inorganic chemicals, coal chemicals and derivative industries – and covers more than 170 upstream & downstream chemical products.

Chemease provides industry players such as producers, traders and end users with the essential tools, knowledge and resources to make complex business decisions. Chemease assists over 1,600 major feedstock producers, 24,000 traders and 150,000 downstream converters in their decision making.

Expert coverage of energy markets in China

C1 Energy is an expert provider of pricing intelligence and market information for the Chinese energy markets. It is acknowledged, both domestically and internationally, as a trusted source of energy intelligence across a range of commodities.

The team of China-based reporters, editors and experts supply readers with a wide range of daily, weekly, monthly and annual reports which equip you with all the information you need to stay on top of the Chinese energy markets.

ICIS consulting

As part of the world's largest, integrated provider of business information focused on China's industrial commodity markets including chemicals, energy, iron & steel, non-ferrous metals and paper & pulp. ICIS consulting is uniquely positioned to offer you the most comprehensive and accurate information your business decisions need to rely on.

Whether you need quick insights or full-scale large studies, ICIS consulting can assist you in these key areas:

  • Customised Trend Analysis and Market Research
  • Market Entry: Feasibility and Strategic Analysis
  • Supplier Analysis and Sourcing
  • M&A, Commercial Due Diligence and Expansion Strategies
  • Distribution Advice
  • Restructuring, Repositioning & Performance Benchmarking


China's Paper & Pulp Industry Intelligence

Papease is China's most respected source of market intelligence for Chinese pulp & paper markets. Its leading reputation stems from its in-depth coverage and objective analysis of top-quality first-hand data.

Papease produces market reports and price information on a range of products including: fibre, printing & writing paper and packaging paper & board. Papease supports all industry players such as producers, traders and end users in decision-making, with a wide range of information products via its website, emails, SMS and more.

What our customers say about the reports

“I use CBI Chemease to understand the domestic market and ICIS for the global view. This is a great partnership and really helps me keep up to date and make timely decisions. ICIS pricing assessments are closest to the market and their customer service is great.”

Li Wenwei
China Jinshan Associated Trading Corporation

“The market study undertaken by ICIS CBI Consulting helped us understand our target market extensively. Its broad experience in tracing the products along the industry chain and extensive coverage of market players made this consulting project an invaluable resource and reference for our market strategy and practice.”

Lei Dong
Project Investment Manager, Performance Chemicals Business Dept.
SK Global Chemical
South Korea

“ICIS provides top quality analysis. I trust and respect ICIS's global view which now combined with CBI Chemease's local knowledge will really help us keep on top of the market.”

Tedd M A Wei
Polyolefins General Manager, Great China Representative Director
Total Petrochemicals