Market intelligence for China’s commodity markets

Developments in China’s chemicals, energy and paper markets continue to affect the global marketplace. It is therefore vital for domestic and international market participants to keep track of the market changes within the country to know where opportunities are.

ICIS has long been recognised as a reliable source of information on China's commodity markets, and it provides comprehensive pricing intelligence, real-time news, supply and demand data, in-depth market analysis and consultancy support. Locally based experts compile reports and analysis in both English and Chinese in order to support market participants within Asia as well as international players seeking to trade or invest in China.

Use ICIS reports to:

  • Get the latest pricing intelligence allowing you to optimise trade
  • Monitor trade flows, including supply-demand balances
  • Anticipate the likely impact of China’s trading activities on your business
  • Stay informed on breaking industry news that can sway the market instantly

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Comprehensive coverage to support your short and long-term decisions


ICIS covers all the key chemical markets including plastics/polymers, olefins, rubber, aromatics, fertilizers and derivative industries plus more than 170 upstream and downstream chemical products. Our reports are relied upon by producers, traders and end-users around the world with our price assessments widely used for their contract settlements. Find out more about our coverage of the Chinese chemical markets >>



Our energy coverage includes trusted pricing reports and informative market intelligence for the Chinese energy industry. Locally based ICIS experts compile a range of daily, weekly, monthly and annual reports to suit domestic and international needs. We provide not just the latest information but also analyses to give you deeper insights into the local energy market in the country. Find out more about our coverage of the Chinese energy markets >>



ICIS produces market reports and pricing information on a range of paper products including fibre, board, paper for printing, writing and packaging. The ICIS range of China market reports helps producers, traders and end-users make more informed decisions by supporting them with in-depth coverage and objective analysis of prices, supply/demand and other information influencing market changes in the country.


What our customers say about the reports

“I use ICIS’ market intelligence to understand China’s domestic market as well as get a better global view. This really helps me keep up to date and make timely decisions. The information provided is the closest to the market and their customer service is great.”

Li Wenwei
China Jinshan Associated Trading Corporation

“The market study undertaken by ICIS Consulting helps us understand our target market extensively. Its broad experience in tracing the products along the industry chain and extensive coverage of market players made this consulting project an invaluable resource and reference for our market strategy and practice.”

Lei Dong
Project Investment Manager, Performance Chemicals Business Dept.
SK Global Chemical
South Korea

“ICIS provides top quality analysis. I trust and respect ICIS's global view combined with their local China knowledge as it helps us keep on top of the market.”

Tedd M A Wei
Polyolefins General Manager, Great China Representative Director
Total Petrochem


Consultancy services

The ICIS Consulting team offers specialist consultancy expertise to deliver the insight, intelligence and data needed to enter and grow your business in China. Our experts can ascertain a clear view of the opportunities and risks in the chemical, energy, iron and steel, non-ferrous metals and paper and pulp markets in China.

Use ICIS consultancy services for customised support including analysis of trends, new markets, M&A strategies, distribution planning, restructuring and performance benchmarking.

Why choose ICIS?

As a trusted provider of market intelligence on petrochemicals, energy and refining around the world, ICIS offers sound understanding of specific markets as well as excellent breadth and depth of data – all of which is fully validated, integrated and reconciled. By giving you access to our China market intelligence, we are able to help you achieve a competitive advantage in your purchasing and trade, planning and forecasting and business strategies.


Informative and useful free resources from ICIS

Market outlook: China's polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) markets

Market outlook: China's polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) markets

With further polyolefins capacity expansions planned in China during 2014-2017, the competitive landscape is expected to change further and that will create major challenges for international exporters.

Download this free outlook article for a better understanding of the various factors affecting China's domestic PP and PE markets


A webinar on China’s economic transformation

Expert insights: Potential changes in China’s domestic policies

China has driven growth in the chemical industry since 2008, however this was due to an explosion of credit. Now the country is facing the consequences of its $10 trillion surge and China’s new leaders recognise that an economic revolution is needed to solve this problem.

As part of the ICIS series of free market information, we hosted a webinar on 23 April 2014. A recording of the webinar and presentation slides is available for you to download.


Free market updates

Free market updates

ICIS also provides a number of FREE resources to keep you informed of what's happening in the markets you're interested in.

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