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04 March 2015 10:30
Featured Article: Volatile crude to weigh on Saudi polymer trades throughout 2015 more >> 

03 March 2015 09:00
ICIS is a media partner of the 3rd Australian Domestic Gas Outlook 2015 conference in Sydney on 23-26 March 2015 more >> 

02 March 2015 11:50
ICIS will be exhibiting at World Rubber Week 2015 more >> 

02 March 2015 09:45
NEW ICIS Supply and Demand database now available, enabling users to search historical and forecast data across 160 countries, 100 markets, and from 1978 up to 2030 more >> 

27 February 2015 09:35
LNG Markets Analysis: East Asian LNG prices plummet below European levels more >> 

27 February 2015 09:20
ICIS enhances its Asia MTBE coverage with daily spot prices for the region more >> 

25 February 2015 14:45
ICIS launches Australian coverage in LNG Markets Daily report more >> 

25 February 2015 11:40
China Petroleum Annual Report: Preview an extract from the Chinese oil demand section more >> 

25 February 2015 09:30
ICIS Tschach Solutions analysts forecast €31 EUA price in 2020 following 24 Feb MSR vote more >> 

20 February 2015 09:00
ICIS launches new European Power Trading Report (EPTR) covering developments and key trends in 14 European Power markets more >> 

18 February 2015 17:30
ICIS introduces two comprehensive reports exploring the dynamic Chinese refinery industry more >> 

16 February 2015 14:30
Free download: Webinar on India LNG markets more >> 

16 February 2015 09:55
Watch this short video detailing current trends and prices for crude and naphtha markets more >> 

16 February 2015 09:40
ICIS editor, Muhammad Fadhil, will be speaking at the Saudi Plastics and Petrochem 2015 on 1 March 2015, in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia more >> 

12 February 2015 09:50
Free download: Webinar on India LNG markets more >> 

10 February 2015 10:00
China’s shifting olefins industry –what you need to know more >> 

09 February 2015 11:00
ICIS has produced a special digital version of The Fertilizer Institute’s Annual Report 2014 more >> 

04 February 2015 12:25
Asian spot gas prices below Britain for first time since 2010 more >> 

02 February 2015 11:30
Special feature: Expert commentaries on the likely market conditions of key Asian chemical markets in early 2015 more >> 

02 February 2015 11:00
ICIS is a media partner of the 6th International LNG Shipping Conference in London on 24-25 February 2015 more >> 

30 January 2015 19:45
ICIS launches 2030 Forecast for California Carbon Allowances more >> 

27 January 2015 11:00
Featured report: LNG World Market Outlook for 2015 more >> 

23 January 2015 10:00
ICIS News stories on the likely impact of Saudi Arabia's change of leadership on global petrochemical markets more >> 

21 January 2015 15:45
ICIS launches a comprehensive report covering the Chinese base oils markets with supply/demand outlook up to 2024 more >> 

21 January 2015 11:30
LNG Markets Analysis: East Asia spot price index flips to backwardation as crude pressures LNG curve more >> 

21 January 2015 09:30
ICIS in the News: Daily Mail references ICIS data more >> 

20 January 2015 16:15
Gain a comprehensive review and outlook for China’s petroleum industry more >> 

20 January 2015 15:25
ICIS in the News: BBC uses ICIS gas price data on News at Ten more >> 

20 January 2015 10:30
ICIS enhances its Asia polyolefins coverage by adding monthly settlement and daily indicative prices more >> 

20 January 2015 10:20
ICIS is a media partner of the 2nd International Chemical Downstream Conference in Mumbai, on 29-30 January 2015 more >> 

15 January 2015 12:15
ICIS is a media sponsor of the Mexico: Opportunities in a new energy market event in Texas on 27 January 2015 more >> 

14 January 2015 12:15
ICIS is a media sponsor of the 4th Annual LNGgc Asia Pacific Global Congress, Singapore on 9-12 February 2015 more >> 

12 January 2015 09:00
Wholesale power prices hit a four-year low, and remain under pressure for 2015 more >> 

12 January 2015 08:30
ICIS is a media partner of AFA in Hurghada, Egypt, on 3-5 February 2015 more >> 

08 January 2015 09:10
Market outlook: South Korea Emission Trading Scheme to kick-start its initial trading on 12 January more >>

08 January 2015 09:00
Outlook ’15: China polypropylene and polyethylene more >>

07 January 2015 11:15
Brent crude futures fall below $50/bbl for first time since 2009 more >>

07 January 2015 11:00
Read ICIS Head of Power Zoe Double's comment in The Daily Telegraph’s front page story more >>

07 January 2015 09:00
ICIS provides a month-on-month review of the key events in the LNG industry on 2014 more >>

06 January 2015 09:30
ICIS adds a PX-PTA cost-link assessment to its Asia PTA price report more >>

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ICIS blogger Paul Hodges recently interviewed in MoneyWeek ‘How to invest during the Great Unwind’

“His crystal ball works so much better than everyone else's”

“His crystal ball works so much better than everyone else's”

“The last time I met with Paul Hodges, chairman of International eChem (IeC) and an expert on the economic impact of demographics, he told me that deflation was coming; that we should all buy more gilts; and that if you held shares in Tesco you should dump them."

He was right on all those things. Last year he sent me a report he wrote saying the oil price was about to plummet. He saw it falling to $50 a barrel in the first half of this year. That, clearly, has happened already."

The monthly ICIS Petrochemical Index (IPEX)



Published at the beginning of each month, the Global IPEX provides a capacity-weighted measure of the average change in petrochemical prices over time.

Regional data downloads are available for Asia, Europe and US.

Global Olefins Trade Flows (2013 and 2014)

Global Olefins Trade Flows (2013 and 2014)

View this free infographic now to view the olefins trade flows between regions for 2013 and 2014. 

All data used were taken from the ICIS Supply and Demand database. The 2013 olefins trade flows between regions show historical data, whilst 2014 is a forecast.

ICIS in the News

ICIS in the News

Read ICIS Head of Power Zoe Double's comment in The Daily Telegraph’s front page story: George Osborne Falling oil & gas prices should bring cheaper household bills.

ICIS Top 100 Chemical Companies


The ICIS Top 100 Chemical Companies listing highlights the top players in the global chemical industry.

Most chemical companies found it difficult to generate top line and profit growth in 2014 following a strong performance in 2013. 

ICIS Conferences

ICIS Conferences

ICIS organises over 35 conferences a year across a wide span of markets including: