How To Get Rid Of Management Consultants

Fed up with receiving those obscenely large bills from trendy management consultants populated by wet-behind-the-ears Harvard graduates? Ever thought that a great deal of commonsense is all you need to run a business rather than theoretical nonsense? These guys, as the Financial Times reveals in its article about the Japanese mob, have restructured without the need for a six-figure consultancy bill. Perhaps the yazuki will themselves to turn management consultancy, minus the gobbledegook jargon, the flash suits and the annoying chit-chat about yachts, apartments in Monaco and flying everywhere First Class when your company shoves you in cattle class. But if the Japanese mob ever do go into consultancy, please don’t let your accounts department sit on the invoices.

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  1. Mark Berggren 12 February, 2007 at 8:04 am #

    Dear John,

    While we agree that there are too many Harvard grads who become consultants, we do like the consultants who have industry-hardened Princeton graduates (without MBAs). See MMSA at

    Keep stirring the pot, and watch for the boil.


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