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China GDP Growth 4-5% in 2013-2020

Canton Trade Fair. Source of picture:


By John Richardson

IT would be nice to believe that the improved mood at this week’s Canton Trade Fair represents a long-term turnaround in China’s economic direction.

This reflects a 9.9% increase …

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Saudi Aramco, Dow, Shell, IEA To Speak At Berlin Conference

Next month’s World Aromatics conference is a must-attend event for anyone involved with the industry.

It features an impressive line-up of major players, including Saudi Aramco, the world’s largest oil company, as well as Dow, Shell and the International Energy …

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China-Japan Dispute Worsens

By John Richardson

THE collapse in Japanese auto sales in China, a result of the East China Island dispute, is just the first phase in what could be a very damaging economic war, the blog understands.

Phase two could be …

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No Eurozone Miracle Cure

Source of picture: Wikipedia


By John Richardson

THE eurozone hasn’t been rescued by the programme of sovereign bond purchases, announced a month ago by Mario Draghi.

Wolfgang Munchau, in this excellent article in the Financial Times, explains why. This …

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Saudi Arabia’s New Export Challenge

Source of picture: Indiaagrifarms


By John Richardson

Saudi Arabia continues to pursue its vision of adding social value to its hydrocarbon reserves by creating jobs. This involves going further downstream from basic petrochemicals.

“The Ministry of Petroleum has said, …

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The End Of Growth

By John Richardson

OUR e-book, Boom Gloom & The New Normal, is a set of ideas meant to challenge conventional wisdom.

Some of our ideas will need to be adapted and discarded.

But our essential point is that the New Normal represents …

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Morgan Stanley Turns Bearish

By John Richardson

AN interesting new report from Morgan Stanley underlines what we have been hearing about Chinese chemicals demand.

The investment bank writes:

“We returned to China and offer a revised message versus our trip last year. Instead of …

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Foxconn And China Demographics



By John Richardson

THE riots and a strike at Foxconn factories in China point to demographic changes that have major implications for the country’s economy.

China’s one-child policy means that it can no longer depend on a …

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No More Of This…

By John Richardson

THE big hope is that once China returns from its National Holidays (1-7 October), petrochemicals markets will enjoy a big and sustainable recovery.

It is not going to happen.

Throughout this year, the hope has been that the …

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Rising Labour Costs Threaten US Projects

By John Richardson

RISING labour costs will impact the viability of US petrochemicals projects as a result of the surge in overall hydrocarbons construction activity, an industry source told the blog.

“Unless companies lock-in their labour costs fairly quickly, before …

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