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Assessing Real Versus Sensationalised Risks


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By John Richardson

WHEN the bisphenol-A (BPA) health scare erupted a couple of years ago I rushed out and changed all my baby boy’s milk bottles to ones made from polypropylene (PP).

“Did you …

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German World Cup Win And A Double-Dip Recession?



                                 Please, please not again…

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By John Richardson

The dreadful state of China’s polyethylene (PE) market will last for at least the next two months as a result of the overstocking we talked …

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Report: ExxonMobil Qatar Project In Doubt

Up In The Air?

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By John Richardson

QATAR Petroluem and ExxonMobil have started talks to dissolve their partnership for a 1.6m tonne/year cracker project in Qatar, according to an article published earlier this week by …

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Ethylene Margins Plunge On PE Rate Cuts

By John Richardson

THE steep decline in Asian ethylene margins – detailed in the chart below from the ICIS pricing weekly margin report – seems to be largely the result of the worrying state of China’s polyethylene (PE) market, which …

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China PE Market Falls Prey To The Speculators…..


By John Richardson

THE sharp fall in polyethylene (PE) pricing in China is being blamed on speculative acquisition of cargoes by traders in March and a rise in local production.

Apparent consumption (imports plus local production) is reported to …

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Chemicals Growth Story Gets More Complicated

A Velozzi plug-in hybrid

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By John Richardson

Doom-mongers are claiming the end is nigh with the world heading for a double-dip recession.

This is happening at the same as the optimists are talking of the …

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US Needs A Serious, Informed Energy Debate

Will he back raising fuel prices to European levels?

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By John Richardson

IN the midst of the continuing BP oil-spill saga, here’s an important question for our American readers: Once the story is forgotten, meaning …

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China PE, PP Weakness Set To Continue

Europe and China: A two-tier market is hard to bear…

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By John Richardson

CHINA’S polyolefin pricing is likely to remain under downward pressure over the next few months as a result of a persistent inventory …

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BMS Plans New Asia Polycarbonate


By John Richardson

Bayer Material Science (BMS) has announced plans for a new polycarbonate ((PC) plant in Asia in another sign of confidence that the chemicals industry, despite major macro-economic threats, is continuing to benefit from the continent’s soaring …

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Petronas Restructuring Details Emerge

Petronas seeks to scale new heights

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By John Richardson

MORE details have emerged concerning the major restructuring taking place at Petronas, the Malaysian state-owned oil, gas, refining and petrochemicals major.

Vice-presidents have being appointed to head …

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