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More LPG For Petrochemicals – Eventually!

By John Richardson

In theory there should be an additional 20-30m tonne/year of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) coming on-stream between 2008-2012, according to Petrochemical Corp of Singapore (PCS) – the Singapore Jurong Island-based cracker operator.

This could lead to 5-10m …

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The slow trek downstream

By Malini Hariharan

Nearly two years after SABIC and ExxonMobil signed an agreement for a multi-billion dollar 50:50 joint-venture elastomers complex iin Saudi Arabia, the two majors have yet to take a final decision on the project.

At last year’s GPCA …

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No Going Back, But Don’t Expect Smooth Ride

Cloth nappies?….you have to be kidding




Source of picture: babygavin.com


By John Richardson

IT IS the biggest transformation that the global economy has probably ever undergone, resulting in numerous opportunities and challenges for the chemicals industry …

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Petchem markets on a bull run

By Malini Hariharan

The Chinese are back from their holidays and they are buying. This coupled with supply constraints and firm crude prices is fuelling a surge in petrochemical prices.

Paraxylene (PX) prices hit a 2-year high this week on …

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US Polyethylene Competitiveness To Surge in 2012

George Mitchell of Devon Energy – The “Father of Shale Gas”

By John Richardson

US polyethylene (PE) input costs will be 50% less than those in Europe and Asia beyond 2012, says a new report by Morgan Stanley.

The extraordinary …

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China Economic Hype And Crude Oil

Let’s catch the bus from now on….

 Source of picture: hybridcars.com


By John Richardson

THE blog has long been worried about the difficulty, probably the impossibility, of accurately measuring real Chinese growth.

And it gets harder as the country …

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China MTO/MTP – one more project starts

By Malini Hariharan

Shenhua Ningxia has finally produced onspec propylene at its new 470,000 tonnes/year methanol-to-propylene (MTP) plant after starting trial operations last month.

This marks the successful start of China’s first MTP project, which is also the world’s largest. …

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Getting Education Right Is Crucial

The brightest and the best, but will there be enough of them?

Source of picture: schoolsinnewdelhi.com



By John Richardson

EDUCATION, education and education are three of the biggest challenges facing developing countries over the next 10-20 years.

This …

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Indian PP Growth On The Right Track

Here’s the stereotype….

Source of picture: www.watblog.com


By John Richardson

WE talked last week about how emerging markets continue to astound when it comes to demand, meaning that we might have to take a long and hard look at …

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arm wrestlers wrestling.jpg

The politics of dumping

By Malini Hariharan

It was supposed to be a mere formality.

More than a month back India’s commerce ministry formally recommended final anti-dumping duties on polypropylene (PP) imports from Saudi Arabia, Singapore and Oman. For duties to be implemented the …

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