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A Chilling Chinese Export Rumour

 ”They are so cheap, I might even buy one as a hedge against global warming”Source of picture:


This blog has spent a lot of time tormenting itself over the sustainability of China’s extraordinary economic rebound during 2009.

“Just …

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Crude, Demand Destruction & Irresponsible Bankers


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By John Richardson

In his own words Paul Hodges of International e-Chem – and also a fellow blogger – puts in a nutshell some of the dangers confronting the chemicals industry as we …

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US Dollar Carry Trade Threat To Chemicals

Stay cool and don’t panic!

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By John Richardson

THE growth of the carry trade US dollars – leading to a sharp depreciation of the greenback and possibly of many other unintended consequences – represents …

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Naphtha Highest Level For More Than A Year

 Shelf-space to be in short supply again?

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ASIAN naphtha prices hit their highest level for more than a year yesterday – reaching $701/tonne CFR Japan for second-half December open-spec material on “improved market conditions”.

Earlier this …

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More Questionable Chinese Data Clouds The Picture

It seems as if Lex of the Financial Times is finally catching up with this blog by questioning the validity of some of the official data coming out of China. We take this as a compliment.

In today’s column it talks about …

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Qatar-Shell Sing Deal Feedstock, Investment Options

Singapore’s Jurong Island

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Qatar Petroleum International (QPI) sees Singapore as a good base for expanding in to the Far East, said CEO Nasser Al-Jaidah yesterday after the announcement of the new partnership with Shell.

QPI and Shell …

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Qatar Petroleum buys into Singapore petchems

Just picked up on the interesting news (not sure how big a deal this is) after attending one of those long interminably-long internal planning meetings. But on this occasion we at least were discussing something useful – not just the …

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What the flipping heck is going on?….

…….and no trite Public Relations-speak answers, please!!!


This is not me, by the way, (my computer is an older model) but the expression about sums it up


No matter where you seem to turn these days, whether it’s …

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For Hands That Don’t Want To Do Dishes


Buy now, pay later….


Note: There is a special prize for the first blog reader who can explain the above headline.  

In the 2001 recession, US consumer spending slowed but did not fall, and picked up …

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A fight to the finish

By Malini Hariharan (Malini is now joint blogger for Asian Chemical Connections)

The Indian government has announced 17 November as the date for a public hearing to discuss the provisional anti dumping duties that it had imposed in June on …

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