The Threat from Dark Pools

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It might seem a little melodramatic (and it’s a wonderfully melodramatic name), but what kind of threat do dark pools – and other off-exchange trading mechanisms – present to all our livelihoods?

You can see that …

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China’s consumption growth challenge


“China, please please do what we did and spend what you might not be able to afford…”

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Whether or not China’s pace of economic recovery will be maintained would have become an intensely boring …

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Falling China license plates a lead indicator?


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Talk around the water-cooler in Shanghai offices at the moment is the fall in the cost of a car-license plate in September to a lowest bid of Yuan 27,000 ($3,953) from around Yuan 36,000 in August.…

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Western Polymers: Get Out Or Get Cleverer?



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The automobile industry in the West has been bought more time by economic stimulus, as this article in The Economist points out.

But some of the discussions at the …

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Equities, Futures, Sentiment = Recovery?


Forget supply and demand, just record the index cards….

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This amateur pundit is beginning to think he got it very wrong.

“I’ve been thinking the same thing – I was as gloomy as you a few …

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What’s China’s real consumption growth?


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How quickly is China shifting its economy away from exports towards stronger domestic consumption?

The answer to this question is, of course, critical to the global chemicals industry.

On the surface it looks good: Retail sales …

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“Steal a little and they throw you in jail…..


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…steal a lot and they make you a King,” wrote the great Bob Dylan in A Sweetheart Like You on his great 1980s album, Infidels.

This seems appropriatea as we commemorate exactly 12 months to the …

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Taking Back Control Of Crude Markets

Goldman Sachs is talking about crude oil at $85 a barrel by the end of the year.

Sound familiar? Not quite forecasts of $200 a barrel, but is there a danger of repeating the mistake that the James A Baker …

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A New Series: It’s A Mad World


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And now for something completely different.

I am launching an new and occasional series, hopefully fed by anonymous contributions, on the daftest examples I come across of company strategies.

A friend works for a global training …

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West To Exert More Cost Pressures


The US back-to-school buying season

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As regular readers will remember, last Friday I linked through to this article from the New York Times on the likelihood of a disappointing back-to-school sales season in the US.

I …

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