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Innovation: No More Time Left To Lose


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By John Richardson

MY colleague Nigel Davis has written an excellent Insight article which highlights how some chemicals companies are seeking to respond to changing patterns.

As we have discussed before, Bayer Material Science …

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Dictating Chemicals Demand



By John Richardson

SOME commodity chemicals companies still assume that, if they build new supply, demand will always eventually catch up with supply.

The risks of not building new capacities, at times of easy financing and feedstock availability, …

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A Dramatic Difference In Mood

By John Richardson

THE big difference in the mood at the ground level of certain parts of the petrochemicals industry compared with that of company board members and investors was thrown into further stark relief earlier this week.

As we …

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Edgy And Nervous CEOs In Deep Contemplation

Davos 2011 

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By John Richardson

THE edginess and nervousness of Asian polyolefin markets we talked about last week is likely to be part of the mindset of any chemicals company CEO right now.

As …

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Bayer Material Science Outlines Global Strategy

Patrick Thomas

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By John Richardson

SUCCESS in chemicals – whether you are into commodities or specialities – is largely about eking out maximum value from every single molecule in all the important markets.…

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Global Chems Outlook: Pockets Of Strength And Weakness


Spain saves the world economy



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By John Richardson

GLOBAL chemicals sentiment seems to be muddled and confused as the constant flood of positive and negative macro economic data.

Take last week’s American Chemistry …

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Chemicals Growth Story Gets More Complicated

A Velozzi plug-in hybrid

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By John Richardson

Doom-mongers are claiming the end is nigh with the world heading for a double-dip recession.

This is happening at the same as the optimists are talking of the …

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BMS Plans New Asia Polycarbonate


By John Richardson

Bayer Material Science (BMS) has announced plans for a new polycarbonate ((PC) plant in Asia in another sign of confidence that the chemicals industry, despite major macro-economic threats, is continuing to benefit from the continent’s soaring …

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Maybe it’s not as bleak as I’ve made out…

Consensus opinion tends to swing firmly in one direction and then the other.

For example, in the good old days of 2007 you would have been pretty hard-pressed to find many in the chemicals industry who saw anything but a …

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