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Abandon Fear And Plan For The New Utopia

Michael Corleone once told his fiancee, “The old way of doing things is over – even my father knows that. In ten years time, the Corleone family will be entirely legitimitate” and ten years later he was still killing lots …

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Distorting The Outlook For 2011



Source of picture: http://www.intentblog.com

By John Richardson and Malini Hariharan

THE view from a particular geography, grade of polyolefin or end-use application might be distorting the outlook for 2011.

In China and India and other emerging markets demand …

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Saudi Arabia: The Implications Of Going Downstream

An example of how Lexan solar control IR sheets (made by SABIC Innovative Plastics) can be put to use

Source of picture: SABIC


By John Richardson

SAUDI ARABIA is busy reshaping its petrochemical industry to reflect a drastic shift …

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Picking The Winners And Losers


Source of picture: ICIS


By John Richardson

ICIS has just published its Top 100 listing for 2009, which, not surprisingly, reveals the nothing-short-of devastating impact of the global economic crisis on chemical company financial performances.

“Unprecedented operating and …

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A Downturn With Areas Of Persistent Strength

Tougher sanctions set to reduce Iranian exports

Source of picture: amix.dk/blog/post/19116


By John Richardson

I met a hedge-fund manager yesterday who wanted a straight answer as to why he felt that ethylene, propylene and polyolefin margins are holding-up relatively well, …

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The Unexpected Bonus For Polyolefins – In Summary

Every dark cloud has a silver lining…

By John Richardson

GLOBAL polyolefins markets are being kept very tight be a collection of what might seem like only temporary factors.

But in the case of the butene-1 shortage, for example, (see …

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Polyethylene Price Recovery Built On House Of Cards


Source of picture: keplarllp.com


By John Richardson

It always seemed as if the Asian polyethylene (PE) price rebound was built on a house of cards.

The Chinese economy is slowing down, the country’s domestic production has greatly increased …

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China’s Unstoppable Consumption Juggernaut?



The major long-term shift in US refinery economics and C3s


Source of picture: blueplanetgreenliving.com



By John Richardson

CHINA will account for around one-third of global polypropylene (PP) consumption by the middle of this decade, up …

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China PE Price Rebound Driven By Futures Market

By John Richardson

CHINA’S domestic linear-low density polyethylene (LLDPE) prices have rebounded by as much as Yuan 1,000/tonne ($147.5./tonne) or 8% over the last two weeks, according to this ICIS news article from my colleague Rainy Ma.

As these graphs …

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Asian Polyolefins – A Dead Cat Bounce



Source of picture: anirudhsethireport.com

By John Richardson

WE reported earlier this week that cautious confidence is being expressed that the worst might be over in polyolefin markets with prices having reached the bottom.

“The market seems to be …

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