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Aromatics May Suffer From Strong Reformer Economics

By John Richardson

ASIAN aromatics producers are struggling from an oversupply driven both by weak demand for their products and strong overall reformer economics, the blog has been told.

As this chart below illustrates for benzene, toluene and xylenes (BTX), …

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China GDP Reduction Spells Tough H2 For Chems


Source of picture: www.en.cn.national


By John Richardson

THE decline in China’s GDP (gross domestic product) growth from 11.9% in Q1 to 10.3% in the first quarter is, no matter how you try to dress it up, bad news …

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Asian Ethylene, PE Declines Continue

By John Richardson

ASIAN ethylene and polyethylene (PE) margins both fell last week – a further indication that the Chinese market remains weak.

Bonded warehouses are still full of PE as a result of high imports in March at a …

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China Property Sector Dangers Grow


Source of picture: www.chinadigitaltimes.net



By John Richardson

HOPES for strong China chemicals and polymer demand growth in H2 partly rest on government stimulus money for infrastructure projects compensating for a weakening real-estate sector.

Whether its direct consumption …

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Mood Becomes Gloomy On Macro Dangers

Dear Readers – here is, hopefully, a hand summary of some of the key themes that have emerged over the past two weeks with some important additional data on imports and inventory levels in China – plus a rather unscientific …

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German World Cup Win And A Double-Dip Recession?



                                 Please, please not again…

Source of picture: soccernet.espn.go.com



By John Richardson

The dreadful state of China’s polyethylene (PE) market will last for at least the next two months as a result of the overstocking we talked …

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Ethylene Margins Plunge On PE Rate Cuts

By John Richardson

THE steep decline in Asian ethylene margins – detailed in the chart below from the ICIS pricing weekly margin report – seems to be largely the result of the worrying state of China’s polyethylene (PE) market, which …

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China PE Market Falls Prey To The Speculators…..


By John Richardson

THE sharp fall in polyethylene (PE) pricing in China is being blamed on speculative acquisition of cargoes by traders in March and a rise in local production.

Apparent consumption (imports plus local production) is reported to …

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China PE, PP Weakness Set To Continue

Europe and China: A two-tier market is hard to bear…

Source of picture: blog.pinkcakebox


By John Richardson

CHINA’S polyolefin pricing is likely to remain under downward pressure over the next few months as a result of a persistent inventory …

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Being Miserable As A Profession

Never look on the bright side of life…

Source of picture: thescratchingshed.com

By John Richardson – fresh back from a long break in Europe (more on this later).

“If you keep predicting a catastrophe, John, you will eventually be proved …

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