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Being Miserable As A Profession

Never look on the bright side of life…

Source of picture: thescratchingshed.com

By John Richardson – fresh back from a long break in Europe (more on this later).

“If you keep predicting a catastrophe, John, you will eventually be proved …

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Old Assumptions Might Belatedly Change


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By John Richardson

DOOM-MONGERS are scratching their heads as to why the global petrochemicals industry has remained in such a healthy state over the past 18 months.

Old assumptions are, as a result, …

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End-users Acting As Traders Influence China PE Price Correction

By John Richardson

LAST week’s sharp decline in polyethylene (PE) pricing in China is being partly blamed on converters who occasionally act as traders liquidating their raw-material inventories.

Trading activity by end-users can account for more than 10% of total …

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Total Petrochemicals Makes Big MTO Progress

A Chinese coalminer


Source: www.guardian.co.uk


Over the next week, as well as keeping track of more immediat events, we will be reviewing and analysing what was said in and around last week’s Asia Petrochemical Industry Conference (APIC) in Mumbai.…

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APIC Confidence A Dangerous Thing?

Mumbai at night


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By John Richardson in Mumbai

POLYOLEFINS will not see a margin collapse this year due to persistently strong demand growth and continued problems with new-capacity start-ups, said numerous industry sources …

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China Muddle And Confusion Continues

By John Richardson

The muddle and confusion that has characterises forecasts for Chinese chemicals demand continues – and with all this persistent uncertainty comes a great deal of nervousness about volumes in the second half of 2010.

So far so …

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China Chems Liquidity Boost To Continue?

Lots more empty ones like these?

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By John Richardson

THE dramatic increase in China’s money supply during 2009 – the result of an estimated 10 trillion Yuan increase in lending over the previous year – might …

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China: Yet More Record Imports

By John Richardson

The extraordinary China import story continues, raising yet more questions about where all these volumes are going at a time when the government is trying to cool the economy down.

Does this mean that speculation continues apace …

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US Olefins Price Falls Could Be Turning Point

Flagging-up the dangers…

Source of picture: http://www.illusionsofdander.com/2007/08/car-dealerships-and-flag-companies-may.html


By John Richardson

THE recent 22% and 18% falls in US spot ethylene and propylene prices might be a sign that this yeat’s price rallies have been more the result of stronger crude and petrochemicals re-stocking …

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Was The Chinaplas Optimism Justified?

Too good to be true?,.,,,,,

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By John Richardson

I VISITED the Chinaplas plastics exhibition in Shanghai late last month and was greeted with a wall of unremitting optimism.

Here are a few samples of …

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