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Struggling Polyethylene In 2018, Strong Profits Elsewhere

By John Richardson

THERE will perhaps be two headline directions for the global chemicals and polymers industries in 2018:

I believe that the global polyethylene (PE) market has a very good chance of moving from last year’s peak margins to…

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China: The Cost of Shutting Down

By John Richardson

ONCE a petrochemicals plant is built it is pretty hard to shut it down.

This might well apply to Europe, which is why we think talk of widespread cracker and derivatives closures to make way for highly …

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Average Babyboomer Turns 55

Today is a day for celebration, as it marks the day that the average Western BabyBoomer, born in 1958, will join the New Old 55+ generation! This is a truly remarkable moment. Even 100 years ago, as the chart above …

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Bayer Material Science Outlines Global Strategy

Patrick Thomas

Source of picture: Bayer Material Science


By John Richardson

SUCCESS in chemicals – whether you are into commodities or specialities – is largely about eking out maximum value from every single molecule in all the important markets.…

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Liveris on the chemical cycle, Dow’s asset-light strategy and Ras Tanura

By Malini Hariharan

I have been reading a transcript of Dow Chemical’s Q4 2009 earnings call and here are some interesting comments made by Andrew Liveris, the company’s ceo.

Despite recording revenue and volume growth in 2009 Liveris was cautious …

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