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Costly Oil Hurts US Industry


By John Richardson 

THE higher that oil prices go the more the US petrochemical industry’s margins have expanded.

Petrochemical prices are oil-driven and, therefore, have to go higher as crude becomes more expensive, whereas the cost of shale gas-based ethane …

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China And Inflation

By John Richardson

MUCH excitement heralded the announcement that February inflation in China had fallen to a 20-month low of 3.2 percent – well within the government’s annualised target of 4 percent.

This led to the belief that the government would …

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China Power Woes Hit Chem Output

By Malini Hariharan and John Richardson

The power crisis in China, highlighted in this post last month and yesterday, has worsened and is likely to affect economic output in the second quarter.

More than 10 provinces, including Zhejiang, Hunan, Anhui, …

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Petchems Could Enjoy Abundant Naphtha

By John Richardson

THE refining industry enjoyed a golden era before the global economic crisis thanks to a booming economy and gasoline shortages caused by Hurricane Katrina. Inevitably, therefore, as is so often the case with commodity industries, too much …

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China Economic Hype And Crude Oil

Let’s catch the bus from now on….

 Source of picture: hybridcars.com


By John Richardson

THE blog has long been worried about the difficulty, probably the impossibility, of accurately measuring real Chinese growth.

And it gets harder as the country …

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Should Indonesia Add Capacity?




Source of picture: wartakota.co.id


WESTERNERS can often by unbelievably patronising about Asia’s efforts to climb up the economic self-sufficiency ladder.

“South Korea has no business being in petrochemicals,” said a very annoying US industry executive many …

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The Grim Reaper readies himself

See below for an extended analysis of why everything is about to go wrong.

Looking forward to picking up some bargain chemical shares over the next two years and some cheap US and UK property!

As the Asian head of …

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