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Flood Of LPG Supply On The Way

Here is another article on the liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) market, a subject we have covererd several times on the blog over the last few months.

Below we discuss how the temporary supply constraints that have kept LPG tight this …

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European Polyolefins: The Luxury of Unintended Consequences

Another excuse for a Dylan picture – ref “Shelter From The Storm”

Source of picture: www.israbox.com

By John Richardson

WEST EUROPEAN polyolefin markets remain tight thanks to the lingering effects of lack of spending on maintenance, several market sources have …

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China Polypropylene Market Tightens

By John Richardson

Polypropylene (PP) appears to have become very tight in China over the last week as a result of a reduction in import availability and a resurgence in buying activity.

“PP is incredibly tight right now because the …

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Europe Faces More Middle East Pressure

A high chance of more showers

Source of picture: www.stuff.co.zn


By John Richardson

A closer look at last year’s polyolefin trade flows illustrates just how vulnerable European producers will be over the next few years to rising pressure from …

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The Dangers of Forgetfulness

By John Richardson

“IF YOU want to develop a good memory, you should learn to stop xxxxxxx forgetting, you brain-dead idiot” a former editor of mine often said, in his charming Glaswegian accent, after I had made the same mistake …

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Asia Polyolefins: “Bloodbath” Postponed

Source of Picture : purchasing.com

In his own words, here is how one contact describes the current situation with a couple of extra points added by yours truly (with links)

“We’ve seen arbitrage close from Europe on polyolefins with no …

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