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The Dangers Of A Three-Year-Old’s Attention Span

“Hello everybody – welcome to the island of Sodor. Time to flip your positions’

Source of picture: www.dragoart.com

By John Richardson

MY three-year-old son has, quite rightly, an incredibly short attention span. A child of that age should be overwhelmed …

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China Inflation Threat To Chemicals


Sky-high living costs?

Source of picture: www.shanghaiist.com


By John Richardson

CHINA’S imports surged by 55.9 per cent last December, raising concerns among chemicals traders and producers that this points to increasing inflationary pressure and a possible interest-rate hike …

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An Affair To Remember


I remain perplexed by the direction of chemicals, oil and commodity markets over the last few months – and now I understand the reason why.

It’s not about feedstock, it’s not about inventory levels or what end-use demand is …

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Be very careful what you wish for…

Source of picture: The Nymex

To continue the same theme of earlier this week, I agree with my fellow blogger Paul Hodges when he warns that OPEC’s price target for $75-80/bbl could nip the nascent economic recovery in the bud. …

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How long can bear-market rallies last?

The current run-up in equities might go on and on – perhaps even for several years, according to economist Russell Napier.

But he warns, in this excellent video interview with FT journalist John Authers, that an extended boom in equities …

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Any spare change, Mister?

It’s all about hoarding cash over the next few years, but survival might not even be possible for even the best managed of companies if Martin Wolf’s worst-case scenario comes true. The Financial Times columnist writes of the unravelling of …

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As this is the season of goodwill…..

…why not forgive debts as Nail Ferguson suggested in his article in the Financial Times last Friday.

His suggestion about giving those in mortgage arrears a break by converting their loans to longer term durations with fixed interest rates is …

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