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The US Shale Gas Boom Will End

Don’t follow the herd… 

By John Richardson

ISN’T it amazing how we keep getting caught out by the unexpected, from the global financial crisis to  China is entering a period of much-lower growth?

No, not really. As long as we …

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Uncertainties Over US Gas Pricing

By John Richardson

NOBODY saw the shale gas technological breakthroughs coming and thus the revival of the US petrochemicals industry took everybody by surprise.

Today the accepted wisdom is that the US industry will remain a license to print money …

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Multiple Energy Options In China

Source of table: The Economist


By John Richardson

WHEN you are an energy giant such as Shell you can afford to explore multiple avenues in an effort to profit from China’s long-term energy needs.

Thus Shell re-affirmed last week …

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Energy, Politics & Economics


Source of graph: http://thinkprogress.org/ 


By John Richardson

DANIEL Yergin’s superb book, The Prize, describes how the history of the 20th century was shaped by oil and gas.

Now we are entering a new era.

Some 600,000 jobs have …

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