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Inventories And Price Recoveries

By John Richardson

THE role of inventory management in European petrochemical price recoveries needs to be re-examined, given persistently weak underlying economic fundamentals.

In Europe, as this ICIS Insight article from my colleague Mark Victory points out, benzene contract prices have …

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Cash Will Remain King in 2010

Still too crowded…

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By John Richardson


Dear Readers – Welcome Back.

Having spent the last two weeks lying on Western Australian beaches, drinking beer and reading books on European history – while also building sand …

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Crude, Demand Destruction & Irresponsible Bankers


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By John Richardson

In his own words Paul Hodges of International e-Chem – and also a fellow blogger – puts in a nutshell some of the dangers confronting the chemicals industry as we …

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To Cut Rates Or Not To Cut…

A Famous Ditherer

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Chasing higher oil prices and/or a response to the now long-running recovery in Chinese demand that’s become sustainable?

Not wanting to sound too much like the start of a famous Shakespeare soliloquy, …

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All At Stake And At Sea For October

A bit like the fund managers who are anxious to keep the equities rallies going until the end of the year in order to protect bonuses, there must be a lot of petrochemicals people hoping pricing in our sector will …

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Calling all CFOs: Ready To Take The Plunge?

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Leaving China aside for a change – where the speculative frenzy continues apace -Paul Satchell, chemicals analyst, has a four-step measure for assessing whether the US and Europe are really out of the woods.

“Purchasing behaviour …

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Futures, Recycling Behind China PE Mystery?

Picture: The China Daily

“I’ve given up trying to read the polyolefin market in China. I just can’t figure out what’s going on,” said a senior source with a major North American producer late last week.

“I keep returning to …

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Where is the real demand recovery?

Have you ever been away on holiday and have cut yourself off from from work, only to return and find that nothing has changed?

So it seems in polyolefin markets. As this blog has been writing about for several months, …

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Net lending declines by 70-80% in Q2 in China

This very interesting note from Jun Ma, chief economist for Greater China at Deutsche Bank (see the end of this post) offers evidence to support what this blog has been worried about for some time – the quality of China’s …

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Aussie on a losing wicket

The timing of when to strike the ball is everything in the wonderful sport of cricket – and also, apparently, in the American pastime of baseball.

An Australian banker is fond of reminding the English how much better his country …

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