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China Commodities Rally About Protecting Existing Debt

By John Richardson

OVER the last few days we have focused on the increased risk-on trade in commodities, including petrochemicals.

But maybe the rallies we have seen  in products such as fibre intermediates and polyethylene (PE)  are mainly about traders …

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Beware Of Excessive Optimism


By John Richardson

CHEMICALS and polymer markets have enjoyed a very strong recovery in Asia since November/December, according to many of the traders we have spoken to.

“We are getting $150-200/tonne more for benzene and toluene in January compared …

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China’s Internet Decision

By John Richardson

CHINA’S polyethylene (PE) market sentiment rebounded in mid-December on greater confidence that the country’s new leaders meant business on economic reform.

And since then, commodity prices in general, including those for iron ore  have rebounded thanks to a …

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The Best Of All Possible Worlds

Source of graph: http://www.businessspectator.com.au/ 


By John Richardson

“Candide, the classic novel of the great French writer Voltaire, is a satirical description of a young man who has been taught that ‘everything is for the best in the best of …

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China To Grow at 3 Percent

By John Richardson

THE possibility that China’s economy may not expand as rapidly in the future as in the past is never discussed in public by resources-company CEOs, said an Australian-based stockbroker.

His comments ring true for petrochemicals, also. The …

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China’s Great Growth Gamble


Source of picture: www.todaysfinancialnews.com

China’s feverishly fast construction of roads, power plants and new industrial capacity has been designed to offset the decline in exports – and what a short-term success the policy has been.

Of the 7.7% of …

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China borrowing from the future?

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement over the rebound in the Chinese economy and miss underlying weaknesses which point to some major problems ahead.

To some extent, in a desperate effort to compensate for collapsing export trade, …

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