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Co-Monomer Shortage Provides LLDPE Respite

By John Richardson

AN enormous amount of new linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) output should, in theory, be destabilising Asian markets right now due to recent start-ups and increased production at plants brought on-stream last year and in early 2010.

But …

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China Polyolefns: Trying To See Through The Data


Source of picture: www.wrh.noaa.gov/hnx/newslet/sum…mber.htm


By John Richardson

Hope springs eternal when it comes to trying to fathom the direction of the polyolefin market in China.

One particular hope rests on March import numbers from China Customs, due to …

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China Polyolefins – A Bad Case Of Indigestion

By John Richardson

IT IS always dangerous to assume that the future will be exactly the same as the past – a big lesson from the recent financial crisis.

But so seems to have been the assumption amongst China’s polyolefin …

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Europe Faces More Middle East Pressure

A high chance of more showers

Source of picture: www.stuff.co.zn


By John Richardson

A closer look at last year’s polyolefin trade flows illustrates just how vulnerable European producers will be over the next few years to rising pressure from …

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Saudi Feedstock Pricing May Change Next Year

What’s the gas?

Source of picture: wwww.arabianoilandgas.com



By John Richardson

SAUDI Arabian feedstock pricing arrangements for ethane, liquefied natural gas (LPG) and naphtha could change in 2011 – affecting the competitiveness of existing and future investments, two well-placed …

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