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A Repeat Of The 2008 Collapse On The Cards


     “Only another thousand or so years to go…..”

      Source of picture: Atlantic Council


By John Richardson

HERE we go again, eh? Yes, as rising crude-oil prices and overall inflation pose a major threat to the petrochemicals …

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Gaping Chasm Between Effective, Real Op Rates

By John Richardson

A gaping chasm has opened up over the past 18 months between nameplate capacities and effective operating rates, resulting in much greater focus on the latter.

It isn’t easy and it is getting ever-more complicated to assess …

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China Polyolefins Divorced From Fundamentals

A permanent separation?

Source of picture: edu.com


By John Richardson

IT IS pretty easy to predict specific events that will cause declines in polyolefins pricing in China next year thanks to the big role that macro-economics now plays in …

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OPEC, China Inflation And Petchems

By John Richardson

OPEC’s decision to maintain crude quotas at current levels could give the banks further ammunition to manipulate opinion that the black stuff is genuinely in tight supply.

There is plenty of evidence that oil is, in fact, …

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Petchems And Tomorow’s OPEC Meeting

By John Richardson

THE next OPEC meeting – which takes place in Ecuador this Saturday (11 December) – is crucial for petrochemicals for two reasons.

Firstly, the crude market has turned bullish recently as a result of the early onset …

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Oversupply In Petchems Still On The Way

Perhaps not just yet….

By John Richardson

COULD it be that some chemicals industry players and observers, in the great galloping rush to join the supercycle stampede, have got ahead of themselves in predicting that we are already through the …

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US Petrochemicals A World Beater

Shell’s refinery and petchems complex in Deer Park, Texas

Source of picture http://www.msnbc.msn.com/


By John Richardson

THE excellent third-quarter financial results of the likes of Dow Chemical and LyondellBasell further confirm the extraordinary turnaround in the cost positions of …

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Facts, Fiction And Price-Rise Sustainability

Source of picture: tycoonreport.com



By John Richardson

This is a very dangerous time for petrochemicals producers as they attempt to separate real, sustainable demand from feedstock-cost related price rises and speculation.

A bubble – as we discussed yesterday …

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Supercycle Claims Dismissed

By John Richardson

THE Morgan Stanley Supercycle report, which we first blogged on last Friday, has created a big stir among the blog’s contacts.

 Click herefor a copy of the report RI_PETROCHEM_BLUEPAPER2010.pdf   

As we said in this ICIS news article on …

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Distorting The Outlook For 2011



Source of picture: http://www.intentblog.com

By John Richardson and Malini Hariharan

THE view from a particular geography, grade of polyolefin or end-use application might be distorting the outlook for 2011.

In China and India and other emerging markets demand …

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