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NATPET Warns On Saudi Gas Increase

By John Richardson

SAUDI ARABIA’S National Petrochemical Industrial Co (NATPET) has gone public over an issue that has worried Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC) petrochemical producers for several years now: The erosion of the GCC’s competitive advantage over the US.

“There …

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Saudi Petchem Production Threatens Recovery

By John Richardson

RISING oil production in Saudi Arabia has resulted in bigger volumes of polyethylene (PE) being delivered into Asia-Pacific markets, a source with a major plastics processor told the blog late last week.

“Saudi Arabia has definitely, in …

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Middle East Petchem Producers Feel China Slowdown

By John Richardson

MORE evidence has emerged of a slowdown in demand for polyolefins in China following the sharp decline in March imports.

The Middle East is now feeling the pinch as a result of the impact of inflation and the reduced availability of …

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Middle East Study Casts Doubt On Downstream Strategy

Petro Rabigh

Source of picture: arabianoilandgas.com


By John Richardson

Petro Rabigh’s attempt to move further down the value chain raises interesting questions over exactly how successful the Saudi joint venture will be in attracting the necessary investment.

As my …

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APIC Confidence A Dangerous Thing?

Mumbai at night


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By John Richardson in Mumbai

POLYOLEFINS will not see a margin collapse this year due to persistently strong demand growth and continued problems with new-capacity start-ups, said numerous industry sources …

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Saudi Gas Shortage Will Last A Long Time


Goodbye to all of that

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By John Richardson in Mumbai for the Asia Petrochemical Industry Conference (APIC)

EXISTING Saudi Arabian crackers will continue to run at less than 100% until the Kingdom’s oil …

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Surge in Saudi-US PE Exports Reported

Heading West,,Jeddah’s container port


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By John Richardson

SABIC has increased its exports of PE to the US in response to high pricing and what could be weaker demand in China, a source with a …

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