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US has “23 Years” Of Gas Reserves

By John Richardson

Amidst all the continued excitement about abundant supplies of ethane in the US, some sceptics are still warning that all may not as it seems during petrochemicals company investor presentations.

“The US does not have 100 years …

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US Petchems “Double Peak” Theory

Wall Street rounding up investors?

Source of picture: Rex Features


In a guest blog post, Joseph Chang, the global editor of our magazine, ICIS Chemical Business, echoes our own concerns that it is getting very frothy out there. The …

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The US Shale Gas Boom Will End

Don’t follow the herd… 

By John Richardson

ISN’T it amazing how we keep getting caught out by the unexpected, from the global financial crisis to  China is entering a period of much-lower growth?

No, not really. As long as we …

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