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When Does Consolidation Become A Strategic Problem?

All our yesterdays… the ICI Runcorn site in its heyday

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By John Richardson

Yesterday’s blog post on Petronas illustrates once again how the state-owned giants, albeit in this case one that is about to …

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Advantage US?

By Malini Hariharan

The advent of shale gas and a fall in natural gas prices has already altered the fortunes of US ethane-based petrochemical producers. And now a new report says that the advantage is here to stay.

The Energy …

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Propylene And the Law Of Unintended Consequences

Will this year’s K-Fair see some major announcements to take advantage of the relative fall in ethylene costs?

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By John Richardson

THE rise in the price of propylene relative to ethylene is exercising the minds …

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US Needs A Serious, Informed Energy Debate

Will he back raising fuel prices to European levels?

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By John Richardson

IN the midst of the continuing BP oil-spill saga, here’s an important question for our American readers: Once the story is forgotten, meaning …

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Shale Gas Confronts BP Oil Disaster Threat

Deepwater disaster expected to impact shale gas 

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By John Richardson

THE booming shale-gas industry could either benefit or suffer from the BP Gulf of Mexico oil-well disaster, with the end-result determined by the effect …

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Changing expectations

By Malini Hariharan

A turnaround in petrochemical fortunes in the US, as a result of falling gas prices, means that Dow Chemical is willing to wait to get the best value for its basic chemicals business.

At an earnings call …

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The changing world of gas

By Malini Hariharan

The blog has recently written about gas availability in the Middle East and upcoming changes to pricing which have big implications for the petrochemicals business.

But the global gas market is seeing wider changes and these have …

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Innovate or lose your job

Continuing my environmental theme, I’ve been musing over building a new training course around helping companies help their employees to think outside the box. This is a tough task in certain companies and cultures.

As Benjamin Franklin so wisely said, …

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