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Stock Market Threats Far Wider Than Just North Korea

By John Richardson

LAST WEEK’S steep fall in global stock markets was of course the result of rising US-North Korea geopolitical tensions. Some $1 trillion was wiped off equity values. We obviously all hope that the geopolitical tensions will ease.…

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A Road Map For Success

The new chapter of our free ‘Boom, Gloom and the New Normal’ ebook sets out a road map to success for companies in the New Normal. It also identifies 5 key areas where major change is already underway.

Demand-driven. Markets …

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The Risks Of Being An Outlier

By John Richardson

THE blog has been mystified throughout this year over why senior industry executives appear to remain “in denial” over the weakness of global petrochemicals markets.

Time and again we have heard the comment that the falls in …

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Crude, Equities & Polyolefin Pricing

This is a huge subject, one that this blog will need to keep revisiting – and if you tell us we’ve got it wrong, we’ll always listen and respond.

For what it’s worth, the article below might give you some …

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Is the risk of staying long worth it?


Source of picture: Time.com



Yesterday I talked about lack of willingness by western banks to lend money because their focus was on rebuilding reserves.

But Steven Major, Global Head of HSBC’s Fixed Income Strategy Team, puts a …

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No more pessimism for a couple of weeks

You maybe relieved, on the day the Chinese government introduces measures to cool stock markets resulting in sharp fall in the Shanghai Exchange, that I am going on leave for a couple of weeks. Perhaps I’ll feel the sun on …

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Another Asian Financial Crisis, this time triggered by China?

After yesterday’s optimism, yet more pessimism. I remember 1997. Don’t underestimate the dange of contagion if China’s stock market bubble does burst – as the likes of Alan Greenspan are predicting…

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Reliance predicts a big India polymer deficit

The optimism seems infectious: Reliance’s market capitalisation breached the RS3 trillion level today, placing the giant in an elite group of only three Indian companies.And the petrochemicals major is predicting 12.59m tonnes of polymer demand in India in 2011-12 with …

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