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It All Depends On Your Time Frame

By John Richardson

HOW long a recovery lasts is always relative to your investment horizons.

For example, if you are a day trader in the Dalian Commodity Exchange’s futures contract in linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE), a rebound might only need …

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Commodity Stockpiles A Risky Bet


By John Richardson

Inventories of copper, aluminium, lead and nickel have risen as prices for all these commodities have also surged, says this article in The Economist.


Source of graph: The Economists


Copper stocks total half a …

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Raining on the Optimists’ Parade

Source: The Guardian newspaper

Apologies for letting this bog slip again. I am on leave, but still pondering where on earth we are heading. This makes a welcome relief from staring up at the grey skies and thinking “summer? What …

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China’s economy: A case of wishful thinking?

Could the chemicals industry be in danger of wanting to believe something so much that ignores overwhelming evidence to the contrary?

The widespread perception is that China’s economy has reached a turning point.

“The worst of the crisis is over …

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If manufacturers started buying up their suppliers….

This excellent article from The Economist about vertical integration got me thinking that if, say, auto makers start buying up parts suppliers in developed markets (in developing markets the plastics processing industry is too fragmented) we could end up facing …

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Is your company truly globalised?

Globalisation is an attitude of mind as what might now be a slightly descredited economic doctrine.

Many companies are international but few – from talking to friends and contacts – are truly global in the sense that they recruit senior …

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Changing nature of demand

As oil prices keep on falling, it might be tempting to forget the big picture. I had another frustrating conversation yesterday with a contact who believes that there’s nothing to worry about on crude (it was all downs to speculators, …

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