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Muddled Messages Over Yuan Revaluation


Source of picture: www.thewecc.com


By John Richardson

Confusing messages continue to emerge from Beijing over whether a revaluation of the Yuan is imminent, a debate that has major implications for the chemicals industry.

The Financial Times reported this …

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US Optimism Needs To Be Tempered

Flagging Recovery

Source of picture: www.guardian.co.uk


By John Richardson

THE latest US Institute of Supply Management survey signalled a buoyant manufacturing sector, in line with likely Q1 GDP (gross domestic product) growth of 5%, says the latest Weekly Chemistry …

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US-China Yuan Row And The Threat To Chemicals


Source of picture: The China Daily


By John Richardson

THE outcome of the row between the US and China over the value of the Yuan has the potential to bring to an end a tentative and highly unbalanced …

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THE US: Recovery, What Recovery?



Source of picture: http://www.infiniteunknown.net/


By John Richardson

CORE consumer prices in the US declined for the first time in December since 1982, according to the latest American Chemistry Council (ACC) Weekl;y Chemistry and Economic Trends report.

And …

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Benzene: What Lies Beneath

A Ring of Truth?

Source of picture: http://web.pdx.edu/~nathanh/benzene/benzene2.gif


By John Richardson

TUMBLING Asian benzene prices are being blamed on weaker crude, itself a reflection of macro-economic worries over higher-than-expected US jobless figures, government debt problems in the Euro zone and …

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Corrected:Asian Naphtha-Ethylene Spreads Touch 2007 Levels

We should have originally written ‘integrated low-density polyethylene (LDPE) in paragraphsix, but instead wrote linear-low density PE (LLDPE). It’s now been corrected and apologies for the error – we will be buying some better glasses (less of this “we” – it’s actually “me”!)…

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Refinery Profit Squeeze Threat To Petchems

“Any Old Iron?”

Source of picture: http://www.investorfsbo.com/refinery.html


By John Richardson

A LONG-TERM shift in refinery economics is posing a major threat to petrochemical margins – along with the delayed supply crisis that’s likely to hit the industry at some …

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Beware The Motives of Optimists

By John Richardson

IT is always useful to make a note of both what economists are saying and where they are coming from.

To give you an example, I was at a conference last year when I heard a ridiculously …

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China’s Credit Growth Versus the West

By John Richardson

THE BIG gap in credit growth between China and the developed world has been thrown into further relief by recently released data – raising inflationary concerns in the world’s most important economy, while emphasising how rich-world countries …

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To Cut Rates Or Not To Cut…

A Famous Ditherer

Source of picture: sarafinewordpress.com


Chasing higher oil prices and/or a response to the now long-running recovery in Chinese demand that’s become sustainable?

Not wanting to sound too much like the start of a famous Shakespeare soliloquy, …

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