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How Can This Year Not Be A Let Down?



Ali Naimi, Saudi Arabia’s oil minister, suggests more oil supply could be on the way




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By John Richardson

CHEMICALS analysts at HSBC have added further weight to the argument that 2011 could …

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Polyolefin Producers Maintain Their Control

Source of picture: Dallhouse University, Canada


By John Richardson

THE incredibly smart way in which polyolefin producers have managed production since the great collapse of September 2008 continues to defy what appear to remain some very uncertain, and some …

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Bayer Material Science Outlines Global Strategy

Patrick Thomas

Source of picture: Bayer Material Science


By John Richardson

SUCCESS in chemicals – whether you are into commodities or specialities – is largely about eking out maximum value from every single molecule in all the important markets.…

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Lasting Damage To US Chemicals

By John Richardson

The huge and long-lasting impact of the economic crisis on the US chemicals industry is detailed in the excellent Year-End Situation and Outlook report from the American Chemistry Council (ACC), which was released late last week.

Light …

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December Polyolefin Price-Rise Bid Will Fail

By John Richardson and Malini Hariharan in Shanghai

A TWO-TIER China polyolefin market had developed in China over the last couple of years – but the $64,000 question right now is: At which of these two levels will most business …

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Supercycle Claims Dismissed

By John Richardson

THE Morgan Stanley Supercycle report, which we first blogged on last Friday, has created a big stir among the blog’s contacts.

 Click herefor a copy of the report RI_PETROCHEM_BLUEPAPER2010.pdf   

As we said in this ICIS news article on …

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Polyethylene And The Stories People Tell


…..quite possibly, yes, but it matters not what you say, only how you tell it


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By John Richardson

THIS poor mug might well have been the victim of rumours designed to move …

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More LPG For Petrochemicals – Eventually!

By John Richardson

In theory there should be an additional 20-30m tonne/year of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) coming on-stream between 2008-2012, according to Petrochemical Corp of Singapore (PCS) – the Singapore Jurong Island-based cracker operator.

This could lead to 5-10m …

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Abandon Fear And Plan For The New Utopia

Michael Corleone once told his fiancee, “The old way of doing things is over – even my father knows that. In ten years time, the Corleone family will be entirely legitimitate” and ten years later he was still killing lots …

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Distorting The Outlook For 2011



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By John Richardson and Malini Hariharan

THE view from a particular geography, grade of polyolefin or end-use application might be distorting the outlook for 2011.

In China and India and other emerging markets demand …

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