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When Does Consolidation Become A Strategic Problem?

All our yesterdays… the ICI Runcorn site in its heyday

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By John Richardson

Yesterday’s blog post on Petronas illustrates once again how the state-owned giants, albeit in this case one that is about to …

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The Unexpected Bonus For Polyolefins – In Summary

Every dark cloud has a silver lining…

By John Richardson

GLOBAL polyolefins markets are being kept very tight be a collection of what might seem like only temporary factors.

But in the case of the butene-1 shortage, for example, (see …

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US Polyolefins Confront Tough H2

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By John Richardson

THE US poyolefins industry has enjoyed a remarkable recovery since the depths of the financial crisis thanks to major feedstock advantages in polyethylene (PE) and the rebound in the domestic economy.…

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Fingers Crossed For No Double-Dip Recession



The Risk Of Exhausted Optimism

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By John Richardson

Global polyethylene (PE) oversupply will be “challenging but manageable” over the next year-and-a-half provided there is no double-dip economic downturn, said Joe Duffy, consultant with …

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China’s Unstoppable Consumption Juggernaut?



The major long-term shift in US refinery economics and C3s


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By John Richardson

CHINA will account for around one-third of global polypropylene (PP) consumption by the middle of this decade, up …

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China PE Price Rebound Driven By Futures Market

By John Richardson

CHINA’S domestic linear-low density polyethylene (LLDPE) prices have rebounded by as much as Yuan 1,000/tonne ($147.5./tonne) or 8% over the last two weeks, according to this ICIS news article from my colleague Rainy Ma.

As these graphs …

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Asian Polyolefins – A Dead Cat Bounce



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By John Richardson

WE reported earlier this week that cautious confidence is being expressed that the worst might be over in polyolefin markets with prices having reached the bottom.

“The market seems to be …

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China GDP Reduction Spells Tough H2 For Chems


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By John Richardson

THE decline in China’s GDP (gross domestic product) growth from 11.9% in Q1 to 10.3% in the first quarter is, no matter how you try to dress it up, bad news …

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Global Chems Outlook: Pockets Of Strength And Weakness


Spain saves the world economy



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By John Richardson

GLOBAL chemicals sentiment seems to be muddled and confused as the constant flood of positive and negative macro economic data.

Take last week’s American Chemistry …

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Mood Becomes Gloomy On Macro Dangers

Dear Readers – here is, hopefully, a hand summary of some of the key themes that have emerged over the past two weeks with some important additional data on imports and inventory levels in China – plus a rather unscientific …

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