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US Targets China VAT Rebates


               Mitt Romney would declare China a currency manipulator

               Source of picture: Wikimeda



By John Richardson

China’s practice of providing value-added tax (VAT) rebates for importers of raw materials who then re-export finished goods is the …

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Foxconn And Chemicals

By John Richardson

THE recent investigation by the US-based Fair Labor Association into Foxconn is a further indication of how China is transforming its economic model.

It was found that Foxconn breached several Chinese regulations, including a maximum working week …

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China And The WTO Ten Years On

By John Richardson

TEN years ago this weekend China officially joined the World Trade Organisation (WTO), and so no doubt numerous speeches have been given about all the benefits to the global economy.

Here is a somewhat more negative perspective:

*As the diagram …

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More Questionable Chinese Data Clouds The Picture

It seems as if Lex of the Financial Times is finally catching up with this blog by questioning the validity of some of the official data coming out of China. We take this as a compliment.

In today’s column it talks about …

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