Big oil saves the trees

Biofuels users/makers will be interested in the contrarian views expressed by Unstoppable Global Warming.

By Geoge, but I’d like to sit next to them at the dinner table. I’ve got doubts about just how realistic it is to replace all of the fuel that the US alone produces using biofuels

The pair’s premise, I believe, is that global warming is a long-term cyclical thing and that it’s a natural process and there’s little enough that mankind can do about it.

If they are certain that that is the case, and they seem to be, then fine go ahead use all the oil that it is possible to use because the carbon dioxide level in the atmosphere doesn’t matter.

I am never as certain as that. History does not repeat itself exactly. Go and buy two identical, good quality cut-glass ash trays. Throw one against the wall and collect the pieces carefully, then repeat with the second one. Now try and put the ash trays back together. If history repeats itself then the pieces of the ashtrays should be interchangeable and the repaired ashtrays should be identical.

The truth is that they wouldn’t be anything like interchangeable or identical after the process. The only thing we can say with certainty is that the ashtrays were smashed and put back together. That’s why I am doubtful about following the lessons of history too closely.

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