Biodiesel in Brazil

Now, my Portuguese is more than a little non-existent (apart from hello) but I guess these chaps are busy building a biodiesel plant in that country.

Here’s an extract from seawaydobrasil in the original

A Brasil Ecodiesel investirá R$ 25 milhões na construção de unidade produtora de biodiesel em Dourados (MS). O protocolo de intenções foi assinado hoje pelo presidente da empresa, Nelson da Silveira, e pelo governador sul-mato-grossense Zeca do PT…

and after Babelfish has had a go at it

Brazil Ecodiesel will invest to R$ 25 million in the construction of producing unit of biodiesel in Dourados (MS). The protocol of intentions was signed today by the president of the company, Nelson of the Silveira, and for the governing Zeca south-weeds-grossense of the PT…

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