The basis of blogging

Hi, and welcome to my first foray into biofuels. I’ve spent a lot of time working in conventional media, on publications where I’ve been lucky enough to be allowed to exercise my natural curiosity and interest in the material and chemical world around us.

I have become increasingly fascinated by the phenomenal growth of, and interest in, biofuels over the past couple of years, and my employer is giving me space, away from my day job to let me blog around this subject.

I believe I’m pretty well placed to be able to bring real value to the debates surrounding biofuels.

ICIS, where I work, prides itself on excellence in two areas: price reporting in opaque markets; and news gathering. I hope to leverage both of these two areas as I scramble up the learning curve. As a journalist, I’ve spent a lot of time asking questions and I hope you will help me to find the answers to these.

Apart from thought provoking written comment, there will be exclusive podcasts featuring people who know the markets for ethanol and biodiesel and other biofuels. I hope that these will become regular updates on the issues surrounding this growing market.

Best wishes

Simon Robinson

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