Biofuel Map Site

Another map of biofuel stations, this one you can modify yourself

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  1. Protyush Mozumder 7 November, 2006 at 11:16 am #

    The rapid emergence of biofuels as partial substitute of fossil fuel is certainly the next big thing to come. The worldwide euphoria over development of biofuels from various origins has been captivating the imaginations of the avid readers. But it is not clear when and to what extent biofuel will be able to cut down the world’s dependence on fossil fuel. But once this happens, biofuels would certainly benefit the mankind in two ways, firstly by regulating the exponential growth in consumption of fossil fuels and secondly by taking away the magic wands from the hands of the handful oil producing nations, thereby curbing their current hegemony.Apart from eco-friendliness of biofuels, the world would be immensely benefited from the emergence of alternative fuels and scattering of fuel production facilities.

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