Lotus’ brings drag racing accleration to the road with bioethanol

Lotus has unveiled a super-fast bioethanol powered road car, according to the Business Innovation Insider . They’re calling it the Exige 265E and it will get you from a standing start to 60 in 3.88 seconds

Takes me back to my youth and sitting on the bank at the Santa Pod Raceway, but obviously the spec’s a bit better than that kind of dragster. It’s going to be moot about whether the price, unit to unit is higher for a race car or the Exigie, but at least that will be capable of cornering.

Quite a few cars will run on E85 for a while, the interesting thing (forgive me if I put on another anorak) is that the engine is designed to do so for the life of the car. I wonder what they’re using to seal and lubricate?

video from BBC TopGear

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