Wanted: methanol distributors

Hey! Some of the guys over in the Biodiesel and SVO Forum are pretty brassed off with The Chemical Company a distributor of methanol and Methanex, which itself is big methanol company in Canada, seems to be getting it in the neck. Why are they irritated? The Chemical Company,whihc acts as a bulk distributor for Methanex is not happy abut smaller distributors supplying relatively small lots of methanol… anybody else interested?

Is the Chemical Company being responsible or missing a business opportunity? Tell me.

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  1. Jay Hasty 10 November, 2007 at 5:32 am #

    Hey Simon Robinson.
    I have been really interested in methanol as a fuel! Out on the farm we are building a reactor and we are chipping up wood and creating methanol and char for fertilizer. I was searching online for grants because the project is at a halt right now because of funding. Methanol is the “Peoples Fuel” and it should be recognized from here on out as the Peoples Fuel! Because with a simple reactor you can create your own fuel and our farm is putting out open source instructions and we will come out to your farm and teach you how to do it, once we get our program up and running. There is a lot of slash here in Oregon and Washington where we are. Slash is created by the logging industry and its all of the parts of the tree that that they don’t use and leave in the forest. Since all of the slash will dry and create a huge unnatural forest fire, they pile it up and control burn it, while releasing tons of emissions into the air and releasing energy that could be otherwise harnessed. This costs them $800 an acer. We live in the beautiful Columbia River Gorge area in Washington and the air is so thick from this practice that the DEQ released an air quality advisory for the area and it is sickening to look at with our current climate change crisis. We have four letters of support from National Forests alone and we are trying to apply for grants and look for interns to create an open source web page for the process and an easily replicated reactor for everyone to build and use for themselves in their community. No since in going through the big guys, because there is nothing like a little community effort that will save the world. When you get a large company they end up turning around and buying up as many trees as possible to meet their demand without going back and planting them. So lets give the power to the people and set up a local reactor in your back yard! Whats your interest in methanol? What do you think?

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