Biodiesel, methanol and Methanex

You may remember about a month ago there was a yelp of pain and annoyance from a group of people on the Biodiesel and SVO forum in the US, about a letter that had gone from The Chemical Company, a large methanol distributor, to a number of people saying, basically that they expected thier sub distributors to make sure that methanolwas only being sold to people who knew what to do with it

Well the wheels grind on… and Methanex, which supplies The Chemical Company, has emailed me with their thinking behind their actions and what they’re going to do… here’s the meat of the email

I thought I would take this opportunity to bring you up to date on some of our initiatives with regard to the safe handling of methanol. As you are no doubt aware, Methanex is a Responsible Care company and our commitment to health and safety is paramount.

Last year, we also produced a Shipboard Methanol Safety Video (now available in 12 languages). In addition to working with our own shipping company (Waterfront Shipping), we have made this video available free of charge to anyone in the industry (through the Methanol Institute). Our Land-based Methanol Safety Video is now available in 10 languages and we are currently in the early planning stages of another safety video that will be targeted at the biodiesel market. This video willalso be made available through the National Biodiesel Board.
It is all part of something that the chemical industry calls Product Stewardship, and translates to biofuels producers as be safe, be sensible, take care. Take a look at the webinar.I’m likely to be asleep when it happens I’d love to hear your thoughts on it…

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  1. Andrew Coccoli 22 February, 2008 at 3:49 am #

    I work in the offshore oil & gas industry.
    We have a vessel that carries methanol to and from production platforms offshore.

    I am looking for safety awarness videos concerning the handling and transport of methanol in bulk on ships to educate my crew.

    This blog makes referance to a “shipboard methanol safety video” available free of charge through the Methanol Institute.

    I had no luck finding any referance to the video on their website. Can you help me?

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