Mozambique Biofuels attracts investor

Biopact tells us :

Mozambique Bio-Fuel Industries (MBFI) and its Indian partners announced they are investing €800 million (US$1 billion) to generate bio-electricity in Mozambique. This is a major boost to the African country’s rapidly growing economy, where energy needs are increasing sharply. The company is radically choosing for a smart, decentralised approach, utilising locally produced biomass in small, modular power plants.

The company, supported by the Mozambican government, is collaborating with India on the project, showing once again that South-South cooperation strategies offer advantages in addressing crucial development problems. The EU too has several bioenergy-related initiatives in the country (earlier post).

It looks like Mozambique is on the biofuels map.

One of the partners Malavalli Power Plant Private Limited is invovolved in rural electrification in India, and is working with the USAID overseas Aid agency and GE.

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