Biofuels from the USDA

“The next couple of years are going to be difficult transition years, but I believe that markets work well and that a certain number of ethanol plants that are being planned at the moment will not be built,” Thomas Dorr, undersecretary of state, told the first Clean Fuels Finance forum.

He added that the US market for agricultural products was changing from one driven by food and annual feed with the addition of biofules as an outlet for farm products.

doing what they say they’re going to do…

Asked if there was going to be a gap where the increased demand for ethanol would outpace the US ability to produce it, he said:

“Cellulosic ethanol is closer perhaps than people would like to think.”

So is Christmas, and that’s eleven months away. I’m not saying second generation biofuels are not going to happen, its just that, as you know I’ve got doubts about delivering technology like that to order…

Dorr also declined to speculate on the future price of corn this year, but said that this depended on the area that was switched to this commodity and cited farms in Iowa that had seen yield rise from 180 bushels/acre (convert) to around 210 bushels/acre in the past decade.

Fair point, if I knew the price of corn six months out I’d be somewhere warmer than this..

He also said that demand for imported fertiliser was “on people’s radar” and that research is underway in the US to use biogas as the starting material for fertiliser in the US.

Hum, not sure how much biomass you’d need to produce the volume of methane that would be needed to make the fertiliser, but it’s got to be a spectacularly large amount.

The conference is being held on 29 and 30 January

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