Bush and biofuels

A day after the state of the Union and I have to say that Dubbya he do love them biofuels. Deep in the heart of the State of the Union address he called for

Increasing The Supply Of Renewable And Alternative Fuels By Setting A Mandatory Fuels Standard To Require 35 Billion Gallons Of Renewable And Alternative Fuels In 2017 – Nearly Five Times The 2012 Target Now In Law. In 2017, this will displace 15 percent of projected annual gasoline use.

He do love them farmers too, so 25bn gallons will need a goodly chunk of the corn crop. If it don’t send them corn futures a-rising and a-rising, I just don’t know what will. I predict happy times for the growers of grain in the US. I predict pricier food too in the US this year

Quoting from the Earth Policy Institute

the grain it takes to fill a 25-gallon tank with ethanol just once will feed one person for a whole year. Converting the entire U.S. grain harvest to ethanol would satisfy only 16 percent of U.S. auto fuel needs.

There ain’t enough corn and there ain’t going to be enough, neither 

But I do like

Reforming And Modernizing Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) Standards For Cars And Extending The Current Light Truck Rule. In 2017, this will reduce projected annual gasoline use by up to 8.5 billion gallons, a further 5 percent reduction that, in combination with increasing the supply of renewable and alternative fuels, will bring the total reduction in projected annual gasoline use to 20 percent.

Congress should get going on this pronto, in my humble opinion.

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  1. rob 24 January, 2007 at 4:59 pm #

    He even named an ammount $2bn of loans for building cellulosic ethanol plants… look on whitehose.gov

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